Video – Simon Singh Interviews

29 June, 2014
A two-part interview of Simon Singh while in Melbourne earlier this year
a) Trick or Treatment? Beware the Spinal Trap! 

b) The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets

    Many thanks to Adam Ford!

Simon Singh & The Simpsons in Melbourne

27 December, 2013

simon photo magnifying glass Simon Singh, best-selling author of ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem‘ and ‘The Code Book‘, will discuss his latest book ‘The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets‘ at Embiggen Books, 203 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne at 5:45 pm, Monday 20th January, and again at Skeptics Café’s Soapbox, 140 Lygon Street Carlton from 8 pm.

He will explain how a team of mathematically gifted writers have covered everything from calculus to geometry, from pi to game theory, and from infinitesimals to infinity in various episodes of The Simpsons. Singh will also discuss how the writers of Futurama have similarly made it their mission to smuggle deep mathematical ideas into the series.


Simon Singh Supports Dr Ken Harvey

28 June, 2011
Simon Singh

Dr Simon Singh

Simon Singh, the UK based science writer well known to Skeptics everywhere for having successfully defended himself in a libel case involving the British Chiropractic Association, has been in touch with Vic Skeptics.

Simon made the following statement in support of Dr Ken Harvey:

Having been sued for libel in London, I had admired the libel reforms in Australia, which seemed to offer you the free speech that we all deserve. However, I am now astonished and saddened that a respected Australian medical expert has been silenced by a defamation action by SensaSlim. This seems like a disgraceful state of affairs – for speaking out on a matter of public interest, Dr Ken Harvey has been forced to endure the massive personal and financial pressure of a potentially lengthy legal case. In the meantime, the Australian public is not informed about an apparently infective slimming treatment.

Simon Singh

28th of June 2011

Pledge Your Support

At present, the personal cost to Dr Ken Harvey for legal expenses is not known.  We’re not asking for direct financial assistance at this time.  However, you can show your support by making a pledge. Write to, with your name, phone number, and how much you are pledging.



29 October, 2010

Our Review Section kicks off with

Trick or Treatment?  Alternative Medicine on Trial  by Edzard Ernst & Simon Singh

When You Were a Tadpole and I Was a Fish – and Other Speculations About This and That by Martin Gardner

The History of Britain Revealed: The Shocking Truth About the English Language by M.J. Harper

British Chiropractic Association Withdraws Libel Action.

16 April, 2010

Simon Singh

There has been a major development in the Simon Singh case. The libel action against Dr Singh has collapsed.
You may recall Simon spoke to the Victorian Skeptics at a special dinner last year. The proceeds of that function were donated to the Sense About Science campaign.

Simon Says:

It still staggers me that the British Chiropractic Association and half the chiropractors in the UK were making unsubstantiated claims. It still baffles me that the BCA then dared to sue me for libel and put me through two years of hell before I was vindicated.  And it still makes me angry that our libel laws not only tolerate but also encourage such ludicrous libel suits. My victory does not mean that our libel laws are okay, because I won despite the libel laws. We still have the most notoriously anti-free speech libel laws in the free world.

Here is a link to the BBC announcement of the news.

For those who are new to the Simon Singh Saga: