Darwin Day – Update

12 February, 2021

It’s now too late to announce that the annual Melbourne Darwin Day picnic has been cancelled due to the Victorian government’s decision to impose a five-day lock-down to counter a small but worrying spike in Covid-19 infections.

Bummer. It’s a high point in our social calendar, and many of us were looking forward to it and planning to attend.

So obviously, all that remains is:

(a) to CONGRATULATE the Victorian government in following the Science. Darwin would have been proud.

(b) to do a bit of value-adding to our virtual Darwin Day.

Here’s a presentation about Charles Darwin by Tina Hanigan at Skepticon 2019.

Here is an hour’s worth of interviews recorded by Adam Ford of attendees at a recent Darwin Day.

Darwin Day – February 12

31 January, 2021

Skeptics and other “free-thinkers” around the world are inclined to mark two special days in each year.

One, of course is December 25th. (That’s Isaac Newton’s birthday). The other is the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birthday, in Shrewsbury England on February 12th 1809.

Quite a lot of useful, informative and entertaining stuff about Charles Darwin already exists on this site. Rather than add to it, this year we’ll just provide the links.

Charles Darwin Articles

“About Charles Darwin”


Darwin – A Great Scientist by Rosslyn Ives https://vicskeptics.wordpress.com/events/darwin-a-great-scientist/

For Schools: – The Darwin Day Suite of Classroom Exercises



Charles Darwin Crossword:


For Schools: Darwin Day February 12

22 January, 2019


Celebrate February 12 (Charles Darwin’s Birthday) in your classroom!

charles_darwin_statue_natural_history_museum_londonCharles Darwin Crossword Years 9 to 12

Darwin Web Sites

Darwin Day poster

Darwin Day poster 2

Darwin bio Read and answer

Charles Darwin Wordsearch Years 5 to 8

Charles Darwin Cryptogram Years 7 to 10


charles_darwin_by_grichmond [Colouring in}

Darwin Day 2015: Events, Resources and Information

6 February, 2015

darwin youngThursday February 12 is the 206th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin.

Darwin Day is celebrated around the world  by Skeptics and fellow free-thinkers. Here is an article by Rosslyn Ives which discusses Darwin’s life, work and continuing importance.


In Melbourne this year you will have at least three opportunities to participate in Darwin Day-related  events.

On Tuesday February 10th there is a Darwin Day Barbecue & Lecture at the Unitarian Hall, 110 Grey Street East Melbourne VIC 3002; barbecue from 5pm, lecture 8pm.

On Thursday February 12th Skeptics, Humanists and Progressive Atheists invite you to a Darwin Day Barbecue in the Boat Shed area of Studley Park. Here is a poster for that event.  https://vicskeptics.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/melbddposter2015.jpg

On Saturday February 14th Melbourne Freethinkers have a Picnic in the Park from 12 pm. Fitzroy Gardens, 230-298 Wellington Parade Melbourne 3002

Most of our teacher friends will already be familiar with Vic Skeptics’ Darwin Day Suite of classroom exercises. There’s something useful here for every year level from Primary to VCE. https://vicskeptics.wordpress.com/for-sale/stuff-for-teachers-education-resources/darwin-day-february-12-classroom-suite-of-exercises/


February Puzzles

31 January, 2014

puzzles graphic

February’s Picture Puzzles and Mixed Bag Questions have been added to the PUZZLES PAGE

This month’s Crossword has Charles Darwin as its theme, to highlight Darwin Day, (Charles Darwin’s birthday) on February 12. It’s HERE

The Logic & Maths Problems are HERE


Darwin Day: February 12 2014

19 January, 2014

This year there are two events in Melbourne to celebrate CHARLES DARWIN’s BIRTHDAY.

  • On Tuesday afternoon / evening from 5pm February 11 it’s open house for freethinkers. The venue is the Unitarian Church at 110 Grey Street East Melbourne (Melways 2G D2). It’s a Barbecue (BYO everything) followed by an 8 pm talk  by Rick Barker of the Philosophy Forum)  “Exploring the Pleistocene: A crucial time for the speciation and specialization of Modern Humans”.
  • On Wednesday February 12, The Humanist Society host a  celebration of Charles Darwin Day at Studley Park on Wednesday 12/2/14 from 5 pm. Anybody is welcome to join in. Again, its a Barbecue. BYO everything.
  • Teachers may like to make use of one or more of the classroom exercises in our Darwin Day Suite, 


  • Our February Skeptical Crossword is all about Charles Darwin. We’ve posted it early for you,


Darwin Day Barbecue 2012

20 January, 2012

You are invited to join us in celebrating  Charles Darwin’s birthday with a Barbeque on Sunday, 12th February 2012  from about noon till ??? on the banks of the Yarra at Alexandra Avenue Melbourne.

Melways, 2G D11 Just west from the Morell Bridge and Anderson Street. Next to the Botanic Gardens.

All Welcome

Free BBQ facilities available

BYO food and drinks.

Since the early 1990s, Darwin Day has been celebrated around the world including in Melbourne. Every year we’ve said  “this year’s celebrations will be the biggest party so far”, and we’ve been pretty much right. Come along and enjoy a summer BBQ by the Yarra.

TEACHERS: for our suite of Darwin Day Classroom Exercises, go here: https://vicskeptics.wordpress.com/for-sale/stuff-for-teachers-education-resources/darwin-day-february-12-classroom-suite-of-exercises/

For a brief article about Charles Darwin, go here: https://vicskeptics.wordpress.com/2007/11/27/about-charles-darwin/

Darwin day coming soon

29 January, 2008