Puzzles for March 2021

28 February, 2021

Our Puzzles for March 2021 kick off with nine Picture Puzzles (rather than the usual seven).

Then scroll down to the “Mixed Bag” Questions (Trivia and General Knowledge);

and a Skeptical Crossword Puzzle which revisits Financial Fraud.

A set of ten Logic & Maths Puzzles concludes the batch for this month.

All on the PUZZLES PAGE.


Puzzles for September 2020

31 August, 2020

The PUZZLES PAGE  has September’s Picture Puzzles, Mixed Bag Questions and Logic & Maths Puzzles, as well as a  Skeptical Crossword Puzzle with the theme of General Skeptical Issues.

There are more “Special” puzzle sets as well, particularly for those who are self-isolating or experiencing some degree of lock-down or quarantine.  Just scroll down; and enjoy.

Puzzles for August 2020

31 July, 2020

Go to our PUZZLES PAGE, for this month’s Picture Puzzles, Mixed Bag Questions and Logic & Maths Puzzles. The Skeptical Crossword Puzzle is (unsurprisingly) about Conspiracy Theories, and (also unsurprisingly) is quite large and time-consuming.

We’re continuing to provide new sets of “special puzzles” of various kinds to cope with whatever regime of home isolation prevails in your area. (Here in Victoria Australia, it’s pretty full-on.)

The latest lot of Special Puzzle .pdfs comes just after the August Puzzles, and if you continue to scroll down past the July puzzles, the sets posted in May, June and July are still available.

Enjoy, and stay safe.

Puzzles for July 2020

30 June, 2020

The crossword puzzle this month has been compiled by a  Skeptic casting a somewhat bemused eye over events of the last few months. You’ll find it HERE and also near the top of the PUZZLES PAGE, along with July’s Picture Puzzles, Mixed Bag Questions and Logic & Maths Puzzles.

In May, we started an additional collection of sets of “special puzzles” of various kinds to help those of you who are stuck at home to pass the time. You’ll find that growing collection of .pdfs on the Puzzles Page if you scroll down past the July puzzles. Enjoy, and stay safe.


Puzzles for May 2020

30 April, 2020

May’s usual Picture Puzzles, Mixed Bag QuestionsCrossword Puzzle and Logic & Maths Questions are at the top of the PUZZLES PAGE .

This month’s crossword is about General Skeptical Issues.

In addition, here are twenty sets of puzzles and diversions of various kinds (not specifically Skeptic-related) which you might find helpful if you are stuck at home.

April 2020 Special Number 1

April 2020 Special Number 2

April 2020 Special Number 3 Read the rest of this entry »

Bonus Puzzles

17 December, 2019

To  help you tide over the holiday season, here are two offerings:

Dec 2019 bonus puzzles

This is an 11 page compendium of twenty puzzles of various kinds, with answers supplied.

113 January 2020 xword Skepticon

This is the crossword puzzle designed for the Skepticon 2019 booklet, with one important difference – this one has the correct clues!

It’s based on the names of the presenters and announcers at Skepticon.


March 2019 Puzzles

28 February, 2019

New rebus-type Picture Puzzles are on the  PUZZLES PAGE.

So is a link to March’s Skeptical Crossword, which is all about Predicting the Future.

You’ll also find links to 20 new Mixed Bag Questions (Trivia / General Knowledge), divided somewhat arbitrarily into “easy”and “hard”;

and 10 Logic & Maths Puzzles (complete with step-by-step solutions for the perplexed)

Scroll down the Puzzles Page for monthly puzzles going back to January 2018

Hundreds of earlier puzzles, going back to 2010 can be found at:



Puzzles for August 2018

31 July, 2018

The Skeptical Crossword for August 2018 is themed to Religious Ideas.

96 August 2018 Crossword Religious Ideas

Our Skeptical crosswords generally have two sets of clues, one “standard” and the other “cryptic”. These monthly crosswords are all available in archive, are all based on themes related to Skepticism, and go back to 2010.

Other crosswords, wordsearches and cryptograms specifically for classroom use are available here: https://vicskeptics.wordpress.com/useful-info/

Our Mixed Bag Questions have a format of twenty trivia-type questions, (ten “easy”and ten “harder”), with answers supplied.

08 August 2018 Mixed bag questions

All of our previous sets of Mixed Bag Questions are available in archive.

Our Logic & Maths Puzzles consist of ten questions of varying levels of difficulty. Solutions are supplied.

Logic and Maths Puzzles 73 August 2018 

There are now over seventy such puzzles available in archive

A new set of Picture Puzzles can be found each month at the top of the Puzzles Page.




Puzzles for April 2018

31 March, 2018

This April:


Puzzles for March 2018

28 February, 2018

New for March:


Puzzles for February 2018

31 January, 2018

Our Puzzles Page has been updated. All monthly puzzles from 2016 and 2017 have been placed in a new PUZZLES ARCHIVE 7 
Our Puzzles Archives go back to 2010

New for February are:

  • a new set of Picture Puzzles
  • Mixed Bag Questions (Twenty Trivia / General Knowledge questions)
  • Skeptical Crossword, this month’s theme being Astrology
  • More Logic & Maths Puzzles. 


Puzzles for January 2018

31 December, 2017

Our Puzzles Page , updated for the New Year contains:

  • a new set of Picture Puzzles
  • Mixed Bag Questions (Trivia / General Knowledge)
  • Skeptical Crossword, themed to Cryptids to tie in with Paul Michael Donovan’s presentation on Buckley’s Bunyip at this January’s Vic Skeptics Café .
  • More Logic & Maths Puzzles. 
  • Another set of bonus puzzles; (for those still in holiday mode)

Our Puzzles Archives go back to 2010


Puzzles for December 2017

30 November, 2017

This month’s Picture Puzzles go to the top of the Puzzles Page as usual;
However the Skeptical Crossword, the Logic & Maths Puzzles and the “Mixed Bag” Questions are all supplied as .pdf files., here and on the Puzzles Page.

As we’re heading into the holiday season, there is a set of bonus puzzles; (mainly word puzzles)

December 2017 Skeptical Crossword (Frauds, Scams and Hoaxes)
88 Dec 2017 Crossword Frauds, Scams & Hoaxes
December 2017 Logic & Maths Puzzles # 65
Logic and Maths Puzzles 65 December 2017
December 2017 “Mixed Bag” Questions (Trivia / General Knowledge)
12 December 2017 Mixed bag questions
December 2017 BONUS PUZZLES
Vic Skeptics Website December 2017 Bonus Puzzles

And don’t forget, our Puzzles Archives go back to 2010


Puzzles for October 2017

30 September, 2017

This months puzzles include

  • seven new Picture Puzzles
  • twenty “Mixed Bag” trivia / general knowledge questions
  • a Skeptical Crossword about Cults and Sects
  • set 63 of our Logic & Maths Puzzles.

The Crossword and the Logic & Maths Puzzles are available in both HTML and .pdf form.

All monthly puzzles are accessible from the Puzzles Page.

PUZZLES ARCHIVE 1  (August 2010 to April 2011)

PUZZLES ARCHIVE 2 (May 2011 to September 2011)

PUZZLES ARCHIVE 3 (October 2011 to November 2012)

PUZZLES ARCHIVE 4 (December 2012 to June 2013)

PUZZLES ARCHIVE 5 (July 2013 to September 2014)

PUZZLES ARCHIVE 6 (October 2014 to December 2015)

Puzzles for September 2017

31 August, 2017

This months batch of puzzles includes:

  • Seven new Picture Puzzles and twenty “Mixed Bag” questions at the top of the Puzzles Page