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In addition to our past blog posts, available here are articles of interest on specific topics. Select your subject of interest from the links below.

The discussion sheets have been aimed at the hypothetical “average year 10 student”, and are designed to be readily copied for use in the classroom. We hope that they are relevant and touch on issues that children know about and may already be dealing with; and we hope that they help to encourage rational thought processes when dealing with the alternatives. If you find this material useful, or would like to register other comments or concerns, please email us at


Bible Codes

Cold Reading

Fire Walking

Free Energy


Immunisation, Australian Skeptics Open Letter

Talking to the Dead (i.e. the John Edward performance)

King Arthur

The Assassination of JFK

Moon Landings, Hoax?




The Age of the Earth

The Evolution vs. Creation Debate

The Scientific Method

Water Divining and Dowsing

Life in the Universe

Too Complicated: (a brief look at the evolution of the Human Eye)

Conspiracy Theories, a Ten Point Test

Intelligent Design, an Open Letter

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