Post Convention Media

11 December, 2012

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A stunning image taken by Guy Wolfe Page Taylor at the Gala Dinner of the 2012 National Convention. Guy posted this on FaceBook, he’s kindly allowed us to reproduce it here. Go on, click on the image for the full-screen version.

It’s great to see/hear all the positive media attention after a convention. The podcasts, coverage in the mainstream print media and on mainstream radio are encouraging. Then there’s the photos on this blog, Flickr and on FaceBook – it’s still a buzz.

For those readers who may not have seen/heard everything, here are some links to the Read the rest of this entry »

Auskepcon 2012, Photos, Sunday

10 December, 2012

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Sunday’s Convention Photos

Sunday was another line up of excellent speakers, DJ Grothe, Dr Ken Harvey, Dr Rachael Dunlop, Stephen Mayne, Lawrence Leung, James “The Amazing” Randi and many more. Look carefully in this set of images for a certain life member and secretary of a state branch jamming with Paul Conroy on guitar.

Auskepcon 2012, Photos, Friday and Saturday

9 December, 2012

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Slideshow of the convention from Friday through to Saturday’s Gala Dinner.

To see these and more images of the convention, in higher resolution, please follow these links.

Mark’s images are collected here.

Mal’s photos:

Prior to the convention slideshow.

The fund raising dinner slideshow.

Friday and Saturday slideshow.

Sunday slideshow.

Photo credits: Mal Vickers and Mark Hassed


Auskepcon 2012, Photos From Events Before the Convention

6 December, 2012

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Some images of events before the convention.

James Randi joined the convention organising committee and made fools of us with his card tricks – Tuesday, 27 November.

DJ Grothe, Brian Thompson and Randi took a trip to Healesville Sanctuary to see just a little of Australian nature whilst they were here – Wednesday, 28 November.

Richard Saunders, Maynard, our international guests, and others chill out at ‘The Penny Black’ pub in Brunswick – Thursday, 29 November.