Puzzles for December 2016

30 November, 2016


09The DECEMBER 2016 SKEPTICAL CROSSWORD is about General Skeptical issues.

New sets of Picture Puzzles and “Mixed Bag” questions, are at the top of the PUZZLES PAGE

and here’s the  DECEMBER 2016 Logic & Maths Problems. Enjoy!

Puzzles for October 2016

30 September, 2016


This month as a bonus we’ve given you an extra ten pre-loved code-type puzzles to solve (see left)

You’ll find the answers HERE

The October 2016 Skeptical Crossword Puzzle is called Logical Fallacies # 5.

Here are the links to our previous Logical Fallacies crossword puzzles:
Logical Fallacies Crossword 1

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There’s also the October 2016 Logic & Maths Problems

and new sets of Picture Puzzles and “Mixed Bag” questions, which are at the top of the PUZZLES PAGE


New Puzzles For September

31 August, 2016

You’ll find a new lot of Picture Puzzles and “Mixed Bag” Questions  in the PUZZLES PAGE ;

September 2016 Skeptical Crossword Puzzle is about general skeptical issues;

while the September 2016 Logic & Maths Problems feature dice, cats, cigarette butts, photo albums and a ring around the Earth.



30 April, 2016

_ _soapbox

This brief article takes note of an auspicious conjunction of events in May. Both Vic Skeptics and our good friends at Mordi Skeptics have a Soapbox evening as our monthly public meeting.

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May 2016 Puzzles

30 April, 2016
"What's 4 across?"

“What’s 4 across?”

The theme of the MAY 2016 SKEPTICAL CROSSWORD is Religion and Superstition and as usual comes with your choice of standard or cryptic clues.

set is the 46th in the series. If you’d like to use our Logic & Maths sets in the classroom or just to catch up on the ones you’ve missed, please note that we started posting them in August 2012; (see PUZZLES ARCHIVE 3 .)

As always, seven new Picture Puzzles and twenty new “Mixed Bag” Trivia Questions have been placed at the top of the PUZZLES PAGE


A Skeptic’s Guide to Homeopathy

27 September, 2015

March 2015 saw the release of the Australian Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council’s  Statement on Homeopathy. It concluded:  

“..that there is no good quality evidence to support the claim that homeopathy is effective in treating health conditions.”

That’s as good a reason as any to revisit the following article, first seen here in 2010.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Homeopathy is an “alternative medicine” invented in the early 19th century by German doctor Samuel Hahnemann. Despite numerous experiments showing homeopathy to have no effect, it has become a multi-million dollar international industry with its own special rules in advertising law.

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Special Event – Susan Gerbic

27 August, 2015


Thursday 1st October 2015

Affectionately called The Wikipediatrician, Susan Gerbic is the co-founder of Monterey County Skeptics, and a regular contributor to SKEPTICALITY podcast and the founder of the GUERILLA SKEPTICISM on WIKIPEDIA project. She received the “In the Trenches” award at CFI’s 2012 Skeptic’s Toolbox, and the James Randi award for Skepticism in the Public Interest in 2013. Gerbic’s efforts to clean up pseudoscience on Wikipedia and create pages for well-known skeptics has made her a “super villain” in the eyes of the paranormal community. You can contact her at SusanGerbic.com

7.30 pm

The Club Room,

La Notte Restaurant 140 Lygon Street Carlton

($5 entry)

(Join us for an al fresco meal from 6pm)