Video – Professor Peter Doherty

18 May, 2014

The Vic Skeptics were honoured to have Professor Peter Doherty, scientist, author and Nobel prize winner deliver a talk at one of our regular ‘Third Monday’ events. Peter Doherty spoke on Skepticism, Denial and Ignorance: There is a Difference in March 2013. I should, of course, extend a kind thanks to Adam Ford for producing the video and allowing it to be posted here. Read the rest of this entry »

Ian Enting talk

23 November, 2010

Ian Enting drew quite a crowd on the 15th of November at La Notte.

Here is the abstract of Ian’s talk:

The science of climate change has come under public attack through what has been described as asymmetric warfare. Public communication has been flooded with a deluge of misinformation. In parallel there have been attempts to distract, intimidate and gag climate scientists. In 2009 Ian Plimer’s book, Heaven + Earth – Global Warming: The Missing Science, claimed to demolish the theory of human-induced global warming due to the release of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. A careful reading of Heaven + Earth reveals extensive examples of fabricating numbers, distorted and misattributed graphics, misrepresentation of the content of cited references and a sprinkling of plagiarism. In spite of its blatant flaws Heaven + Earth has gained considerable political traction in Australia.

The talk was quite an eye-opener.   Ian has done a huge amount of work tracking down the mathematical distortions of those arguing climate change is not man-made.   Ian has kindly made his presentation slides available in PDF form for those that wish to look back through them.

[File size: 1.04MB]

Ian’s home page can be found here.


Vic Skeptics on TV, ABC Insiders

26 February, 2010

Terry, Jason & Elliot

Congratulations on your all too brief appearance. You represented Skepticism well, with not a beard or a beer gut in sight!