Ian Enting talk

23 November, 2010

Ian Enting drew quite a crowd on the 15th of November at La Notte.

Here is the abstract of Ian’s talk:

The science of climate change has come under public attack through what has been described as asymmetric warfare. Public communication has been flooded with a deluge of misinformation. In parallel there have been attempts to distract, intimidate and gag climate scientists. In 2009 Ian Plimer’s book, Heaven + Earth – Global Warming: The Missing Science, claimed to demolish the theory of human-induced global warming due to the release of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. A careful reading of Heaven + Earth reveals extensive examples of fabricating numbers, distorted and misattributed graphics, misrepresentation of the content of cited references and a sprinkling of plagiarism. In spite of its blatant flaws Heaven + Earth has gained considerable political traction in Australia.

The talk was quite an eye-opener.   Ian has done a huge amount of work tracking down the mathematical distortions of those arguing climate change is not man-made.   Ian has kindly made his presentation slides available in PDF form for those that wish to look back through them.

[File size: 1.04MB]

Ian’s home page can be found here.


Don Hyatt, Audio

19 August, 2010

Don Hyatt gave us a great talk last Monday titled “The Problem with Education”.  Luckily for those that couldn’t come along, the talk was recorded.


[Direct link to the MP3]

Did you like that? Give us some feedback, do you want us to record future talks?

I’d also like to thank Ben, the wiz audio guy, for making the technology work.


Don has also made available the presentation slides from his talk in PDF form.

Slides 1-7

Slides 8 -23

Slides 24 – 33

Slides 34 – 83


Dr Ken Harvey

26 June, 2010

Dr Ken Harvey

The questions and comments went on much longer than normal for one of our 3rd Monday events (21st of June).  It was a measure of how much everyone enjoyed Dr Ken Harvey’s talk.  For those that might want to revisit Ken’s talk, he has kindly made available his presentation slides.