Our regular monthly event, Skeptics Café happens on the third Monday of each month at La Notte Restaurant, 140 Lygon Street Carlton. (nearest intersection – Pelham Street). We commence with a drink and a meal from about 6pm, and there is usually a talk from 8pm. Skeptics Cafés are public events – everyone is welcome.

July 18 2016 Skeptics Café

Chris Guest

Chris Guest

Richard Carrier and the Probability of Jesus
This talk examines the thesis proposed by the Ancient Historian and freethinker, Richard Carrier, in his 2014 book “On the Historicity of Jesus: Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt“.

This lengthy work contains a detailed examination of historical, archaeological material and offers an argument that there was no historical Jesus. Carrier uses Bayesian probability theory in an attempt to quantify the likelihood of a historical Jesus.

In this talk, Carrier’s argument is examined from the viewpoints of both probability theory and critical thinking.

Bayesian probability will be gently introduced.

Chris Guest is the President of Vic Skeptics.

$4 entry

August 15 2016 Skeptics Café


Dr Stephen Basser

“Suffer The Little Children – Taking A Look At Paediatric Pseudoscience”

$4 entry

September 19 2016 Skeptics Café


Dr Megan Munsie

“Hype, hope and reality of stem cell science”

Associate Professor Megan Munsie is a scientist, based at The University of Melbourne, where she heads the Education, Ethics, Law & Community Awareness Unit at the Australian Research Council funded Stem Cells Australia initiative. Over the last decade, Megan has co-authored numerous educational resources for the public and health professionals, contributed to the development of policy in Australia and abroad, and collaborated in research projects focused on exploring regulation and community expectation in stem cell science. She is an advisor to several organisations including Chair of the International Society for Stem Cell Research’s ‘Closer Look at Stem Cells’ task force and the Policy, Ethics and Translation Sub-Committee of the Australasian Society for Stem Cell Research.

Megan has a Bachelor of Applied Science from Queensland University of Technology, a Masters in Reproductive Sciences and a PhD from Monash University. During her PhD in 2000, she demonstrate that stem cells could be made from ‘cloned’ mouse embryos – the first proof-of-concept for therapeutic cloning. She has also worked as an embryologist in IVF clinics and for an ASX listed biotechnology company.

$4 entry

October 17 2016 Skeptics Café

Mark Rooney: The Curse of Knowledge

$4 entry

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Speakers include Lawrence Krauss, Michael “Marsh” Marshall, Harriet Hall, Edzard Ernst, Katie Mack and Mel Thomson, Ken Harvey, Lynne Kelly, Lara Wood & Deanne Carson (Fairness In Religion in Schools), Peter Bowditch, Emma Miley, Tracey McDermott, Mal Vickers, Jo Alabaster, Ross Balch and Chris Guest with still more to come.



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Calendars of Free Public Lectures. 

(Link to lecture programs of ANZAAS, the University of Melbourne, the Royal Society of Victoria, and the Atheist Society)

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