Our regular monthly event, Skeptics Café happens on the third Monday of each month at La Notte Restaurant, 140 Lygon Street Carlton. (nearest intersection – Pelham Street). We commence with a drink and a meal from about 6pm, and there is usually a talk from 8pm. Skeptics Cafés are public events – everyone is welcome.

August 17 2015 Skeptics Café

DavidWaldronDr David Waldron

The Devil’s own board game: Satanism, moral panic and Dungeons and Dragons.

Dr David Waldron has been a lecturer in History and Anthropology at Federation University for the past 12 years teaching a wide array of history, sociology and anthropology courses. He also has a research focus on folklore and community identity.

He is the author of:

Sign of the Witch: Modernity and the Pagan Revival

Shock! The Black Dog of Bungay – a Case Study in Local Folklore


Snarls from the Tea-Tree: Victoria’s Big Cat Folklore. [see our review HERE]

He is currently engaged in creating an anthology of Gothic folklore from the Victorian goldfields of the 19th century.

$4 entry



The return to Australia of astrophysicist, author, celebrity, wrestler, world-recognised badass and one of the very first Think Inc. event guests, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

7th August PLENARY MCEC Melbourne
16th August – Brisbane
22nd August – Sydney
23rd August – Canberra

Australian Skeptics are proud co-sponsors of this event

September 21 2015 Skeptics Café


Dr Lynne Kelly

A Skeptic Still Tackling Stonehenge

Five years after she first threw her radical new theory about the purpose of Stonehenge at the Victorian Skeptics, Lynne Kelly is back. With the PhD done, the theory has just been published globally. Now she’s adding more including the ‘mystery’ of Easter Island and the Nasca Lines that Von Daniken attributed to aliens. It’s all about indigenous cultures memorising vast amounts of practical knowledge: animals, plants, navigation, seasons, genealogy, geology, astronomy, timekeeping, resource rights, laws … the list goes on and on. Lynne will explain the amazing array of mnemonic technologies used and how you can implement them yourself.

Dr Lynne Kelly is a founding member of the Australian Skeptics. She has published ten books for education, one novel and three popular science titles including ‘The Skeptic’s Guide to the Paranormal’. Lynne Kelly’s latest book, ‘Knowledge and power in prehistoric societies’, is published by Cambridge University Press.



Calendars of Free Public Lectures. 

(Link to lecture programs of the University of Melbourne, the Royal Society of Victoria, and the Atheist Society)

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