Our regular monthly event, Skeptics Café happens on the third Monday of each month. We commence with a drink and a meal from about 6pm, and there is usually a talk from 8pm. Skeptics Cafés are public events – everyone is welcome.
Skeptics Cafés are held at the Dan O’Connell Hotel, 225 Canning Street Carlton

May 20 2019 Skeptics Café

Vic Skeptics SOAPBOX

8:00 pm Monday May 20 2019

Speakers will include:

Brian Khuu (refer to

Ken Greatorex: Our Little Piece of the Galapagos

Geoff Allshorn: The upcoming 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and how we might respond to Moon hoax conspiracy theorists and other science deniers

 Jillian Kenny: Machinam

Machinam is a mathematics education company that tackles the age-old question, ‘Why do we need to learn this?’ by connecting what students are learning in high school maths class to their real life and future careers. The flagship product, In Real Life (IRL), is an interactive, digital mathematics resource that is mapped to the Australian Curriculum.

Dan O’Connell Hotel

$4 entry

If YOU would like to speak at this event, ring 0403 837 339 or email

June 17 2019 Skeptics Café

        Dr Lynne Kelly

Crafting your Memory: is it relevant in the age of Google?

In the last few hundred years, we have stopped training our memories and lost the ability to memorise large amounts of information. ‘Memory Craft’ introduces the best memory techniques ever devised from ancient times to today’s memory athletes. But are they still relevant? Lynne will argue that recent neuroscience demonstrates that they are essential. This will be a totally practical talk offering many mnemonic options for the audience to implement immediately.

Dr Lynne Kelly is a founding member of the Australian Skeptics and Australian Senior Memory Champion. She is a science educator and the author of 17 books, including ‘The Skeptic’s Guide to the Paranormal’, ’Spiders‘ and ‘The Memory Code’. Her new book, ‘Memory Craft‘, will be published in June.
Dan O’Connell Hotel

$4 entry

July 15 2019 Skeptics Café

louis roller 1 framed 2

Dr Louis Roller: Health Facts: True or False

Dan O’Connell Hotel

$4 entry

August 19 2019 Skeptics Café

Dr Hannah Middleton (Astrophysicist, University of Melbourne)


Topic to be announced

Dan O’Connell Hotel

$4 entry

Surfcoast Skepticamp VII

Saturday September 14

Airey’s Inlet

from 10.30 – 4.00. Details are at Eventbrite:

Surfcoast Skepticamp VII
Originally timed for February, this event had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.If you’d like to contribute by way of a short presentation on the day, please contact us ASAP at 



The Australian Skeptics annual convention is being hosted in Melbourne from December 6 – 8.

SKEPTICON 2019 has its own dedicated website, Information about Call for Papers, venues, ticket sales, speakers etc will be announced there first.

Exciting news about our speaker line-up: 

It’s official. The SGU are appearing at Skepticon!

We are thrilled to announce that the entire team from the acclaimed international podcast The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe are to be the keynote speakers at Skepticon 2019.

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, or SGU as it is known, is one of the most popular and respected podcasts on critical thinking, reason and the public understanding of science. The first episode of the SGU podcast went online on 4th May 2005 and is today one of the most popular science podcasts on iTunes.

The SGU team is also the authors of bestselling The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe: How to Know What’s Really Real in a World Increasingly Full of Fake.

As well as listening to the SGU speak, delegates will have the opportunity to mix with the team at the conference social events including the Friday night meet & greet and Saturday night’s conference dinner.

Also attending: Susan Gerbic.


Susan Gerbic

Skepticon 2019 will include a range of other speakers from the local and international Skeptic community. Further announcements will be made in the coming weeks.

Early bird tickets for Skepicon 2019 will be available from 1st June.

Important SKEPTICON 2019 dates:

1st June: Early Bird ticket sales
3rd June: Call for Papers deadline
29th June: General ticket sales
5th December: Skeptics Trivia Night at The Clyde Hotel
6th December: Conference commencement and meet and greet at The Dan O’Connell Hotel
7th December: Two Day conference commences at Carillo Gantner Theatre, University of Melbourne Swanston Street
7th December: Conference Dinner (venue t.b.a.)
8th December: Final day of conference


Calendars of Free Public Lectures. 

(Link to lecture programs of ANZAAS, the University of Melbourne, the Royal Society of Victoria, and the Atheist Society)

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