November Puzzles

31 October, 2014


"What's 4 Across?"

“What’s 4 Across?”


NOVEMBER 2014 SKEPTICAL CROSSWORD, with the emphasis on Frauds and Scams can be solved using either the standard or the cryptic clues provided.

Breaking News! The FSM has revealed that occasional access to Google and/or the Dictionary (UK rather than US edition) by His Cruciverbal Faithful will not incur His noodly wrath.

A new set of NOVEMBER 2014 LOGIC & MATHS PUZZLES is available.

New Picture Puzzles and “Mixed Bag” Questions have been posted at the top of the PUZZLES PAGE






PUZZLES ARCHIVE 4 (December 2012 to June 2013)

PUZZLES ARCHIVE 5 (July 2013 to September 2014)

Latest info on local groups

15 May, 2013


We’ll lead off with the excellent news that after a twelve-month recess, Peninsula Skeptics are re-starting: on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 7:00 PM. The venue is The Peninsula Club, Gibson Street Dromana.

The Peninsula Club

Your convenor Graeme Hanigan says: The night will be primarily social, perhaps a round table suggestion of topics for the future. Please go to the MEETUP GROUP to read more and to RSVP.

Graeme is also keen for Peninsula Skeptics to be involved in Science Week (mid August) and is looking for suggestions and ideas on some of the best ways to achieve this.


are travelling nicely with our regular Skeptics Café at La Notte Restaurant, 140 Lygon Street Carlton.

The next event is on Monday 20th May, where Ken Greatorex will host our Ninth Annual Trivia Extravaganza.


Please join us (with a team of up to six people, or just by yourself) for a meal at 6pm, with the Trivia starting at 7:30 pm. See our EVENTS page for details of Skeptics Cafés well into the future.

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Bigger blog

3 October, 2010

Suddenly the Vic Skeptics blog has got bigger, though you probably haven’t noticed.  We’ve gone from 80 posts to 220.  Our old “keypoint” site will eventually be shut down.  Ahead of that, rather than dump the old stuff, a big effort has gone into moving it from the old site to this one.

If you have a little spare time and feel like reading some re-born old posts try these:

How to make your own bed of nails

Homeopathy for Pets???

How to put together a class exercise on astrology, if you’re a teacher

Saddened by Channel Ten’s screening of Sensing Murder (from 2006)
Also on the same subject “Sensing Nothing” by Christopher Short.

Dr John Long spoke to the Victorian Skeptics in 2005

An embarrassing question on a psychology exam

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Trivia Night, May 2010

19 May, 2010

On Monday night the Victorian Skeptics ran their annual Trivia Night.

Many thanks to Ken for all the work he did … collating questions, getting prizes, putting the audio of the horse race together, lugging all the equipment, etc, etc…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As usual, the questions were of a skeptical / scientific bent. They ranged from dowsing the location of “Mystic Park” on a map of Victoria, to identifying anti-vax crusader Meryl Dorey from a fuzzy photo.

One of the highlights of the evening was the running of the Alternative Handicap, which is well worth a listen.

Or download

In the end, the award for Most Trivial Team went to….

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April Bulletin

8 April, 2010

Current and upcoming activities and news from the Victorian Branch of the Australian Skeptics.  Please see our latest April Bulletin [PDF].

News Group

Vic Skeptics has an email news group. We send about one bulletin per month, listing and describing our upcoming events and activities, as well as supplying contact information for similar organisations. To join this group, go to:


Terry’s book browsing

6 April, 2010

I’m just back home from seeing, and enjoying, “God Is Bullshit: And That’s The Good News” by Catherine Deveny at the Trades Hall and on the way home I dropped in to Readings for a browse (as one does).

Conceiving God

My eyes fell upon a book called “Conceiving God: the Cognitive Origin and Evolution of Religion” by David Lewis-Williams. Like a good skeptic I read the blurb and the start and the last page, to see how it ended.

On the last page was a lovely line something, from memory, like this…

Repeatedly, science is modifying religion, never vice versa.

How true.

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