Post Convention Media

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A stunning image taken by Guy Wolfe Page Taylor at the Gala Dinner of the 2012 National Convention. Guy posted this on FaceBook, he’s kindly allowed us to reproduce it here. Go on, click on the image for the full-screen version.

It’s great to see/hear all the positive media attention after a convention. The podcasts, coverage in the mainstream print media and on mainstream radio are encouraging. Then there’s the photos on this blog, Flickr and on FaceBook – it’s still a buzz.

For those readers who may not have seen/heard everything, here are some links to the media coverage of the convention and James Randi’s visit to Australia.


– James Randi on ABC 774 Melbourne radio.

– James Randi on Triple J’s, the Sunday Night Safran show.

(Or download)

– Skeptic of the Year 2012 award winners the Friends of Science in Medicine organisation on ABC Radio’s Ockham’s Razor.

(Or download and transcript)


– Writer Tory ShepherdI don’t want to be sceptical, but… (ok, I do)

Tory’s article appeared in the Adelaide Now, MX and The Punch.

– The announcement that Homeopathy Plus had won the Bent Spoon award was published in the Sydney Morning Herald, here.


– The convention was also well covered on the two most recent editions of The Skeptic Zone podcast. Episodes 215 and 216.

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