Skeptics Café

On the third Monday of each month the Vic Skeptics meet at La Notte Restaurant in Lygon Street, Carlton. We enjoy a meal, a drink, a chat, and (usually) a special guest presenter!

The links below will take you to some video highlights of our presenters.

June 2012
NEW Russell Kelly – Skepticism in the Bush

January 2012
NEW Tim Mendham – Alternative Medicine and Your Health Insurance

November 2011
NEW Nicholas Bruzzese – An Historical and Critical Approach to the Bible

September 2011
Ross McKeown – Pseudoscience and the Vulnerable

July 2011
Krissy Wilson – The Psychology Of Suggestibility

June 2011
Jason Brown – Skeptical Activism

April 2011
Martin Plowman – I (Don’t) Want to Believe!

Special Events

August 2011
Leo Igwe – Witch-hunting, Injustice and Superstition

June 2011
Dr Rachael Dunlop on Hair Analysis

February 2011
The 10:23 Campaign in Melbourne

Other Skeptical Videos

The Bed of Nails

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