Susan Blackmore – Genes, Memes, Tremes from Biology to AI

15 November, 2018

This is Professor Susan Blackmore speaking at the Royal Society of Victoria in October 2018

Thanks to Adam Ford.

A nostalgic look at The Bed of Nails

23 November, 2017

Here’s a look back at Vic Skeptics’ flirtation with the Bed of Nails.

Some enterprising Victorian Skeptics made a Bed of Nails and documented the process in the late 1990s. (See Ye Bed of Nails .pdf below)

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The Vaccination Chronicles – If Only

14 November, 2014

DVD_Cover frontThis 27 minute video shares stories of people who saw firsthand the effects of vaccine preventable diseases.


Produced by Richard Saunders

– You are welcome to download and/or screen this video in public.

Video – Simon Singh Interviews

29 June, 2014
A two-part interview of Simon Singh while in Melbourne earlier this year
a) Trick or Treatment? Beware the Spinal Trap! 

b) The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets

    Many thanks to Adam Ford!

Video – Professor Peter Doherty

18 May, 2014

The Vic Skeptics were honoured to have Professor Peter Doherty, scientist, author and Nobel prize winner deliver a talk at one of our regular ‘Third Monday’ events. Peter Doherty spoke on Skepticism, Denial and Ignorance: There is a Difference in March 2013. I should, of course, extend a kind thanks to Adam Ford for producing the video and allowing it to be posted here. Read the rest of this entry »

More Critical Thinking Videos

26 May, 2013

In early 2012 a series of short videos on the topic of critical thinking was released.

The group that produced them have created more. I think these are videos are superb; short, to the point, quirky and ideal for anyone wanting to quickly understand the scientific method and critical thinking including fallacies. I’ve linked to all of them below.

The scriptwriter is science communicator and author Mike McRae, well known for his book Tribal Science.

Surprisingly, the videos were funded by the Australian Government. The narrator is James Hutson and they’re produced by Bridge8.

More videos after the fold.

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Two Skeptical Videos

15 September, 2012

Two Australian Skeptics were recently in the media. Loretta Marron (AKA Anne) appears in the first video and Victoria’s own Dr Mick Vagg features in the second. Here they are for your viewing pleasure…

Despite tough talk from politicians, it appears that Rev Trevor Robinson’s web site is back on-line, he’s still in business. I won’t link to him here, I’m sure readers know how to use Google. It’s a shameful example of the lack of effective health practitioner regulation.

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