29 October, 2010

Our Review Section kicks off with

Trick or Treatment?  Alternative Medicine on Trial  by Edzard Ernst & Simon Singh

When You Were a Tadpole and I Was a Fish – and Other Speculations About This and That by Martin Gardner

The History of Britain Revealed: The Shocking Truth About the English Language by M.J. Harper

Homeopath’s own studies show – it doesn’t work

18 April, 2010

A new review by Prof Edzard Ernst inclusive of studies by Homeopaths, fails to yield positive results.

Announcing a new review of Homeopathy to be published in the Medical Journal of Australia, the review is authored by Prof Edzard Ernst.  A press release by the MJA follows this short introduction.

The introduction to Homeopathy is by Dr Ken Harvey who will be speaking to the Victorian Skeptics on the 21st of June, 2010. [Now a past event.]

Homeopathy has been in the news of late. Earlier this year, a homeopath and his wife were found guilty of manslaughter after their baby daughter died when they treated her severe eczema with homeopathic remedies rather than conventional medicines.  In the United Kingdom, Read the rest of this entry »