Lynne Kelly

12 October, 2016

13700193_1054121704666480_7843799502333502259_nDr Lynne Kelly is one of the more interesting people to be encountered among the Australian Skeptical community. She’s a writer, researcher and science educator, as well as being a foundation member of Australian Skeptics.

Lynne tends not to follow stereotypes. Her first tertiary qualification was in Engineering; armed with this, she began a teaching career in government secondary schools. On the way she co-authored a series of Maths text books. She later branched into extension education for gifted children. Her 1994 book Challenging Minds: Thinking Skills and Enrichment Activities is one result of that period.

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Book Launch – “Snarls From the Tea Tree”

24 November, 2012

by Ken Greatorex

I recently had the privilege of attending the launching of a new book.

Hosted by Ballarat Books, this event featured co-authors Dr David Waldron and Simon Townsend with Snarls From the Tea Tree.

To quote the publicity:

For the past 150 years Victoria’s bushland has been haunted by the myth of large cat like predators stalking the wilderness, feeding on stock and leaving stories in local folklore and mythology.

Snarls from the Tea-Tree traces the development of the story from its origins in the colonization of Victoria to the present day and explores the themes, legends, claims and context of this deeply pervasive urban legend in rural Victoria.

Dr David Waldron is a lecturer in History and Anthropology at the University of Ballarat. Simon Townsend is a veteran big cat researcher and co-founder of Big Cats Victoria. Read the rest of this entry »


29 October, 2010

Our Review Section kicks off with

Trick or Treatment?  Alternative Medicine on Trial  by Edzard Ernst & Simon Singh

When You Were a Tadpole and I Was a Fish – and Other Speculations About This and That by Martin Gardner

The History of Britain Revealed: The Shocking Truth About the English Language by M.J. Harper

Conceiving God, I’ve read it

10 May, 2010

A little while ago I posted about a book I’d just bought called “Conceiving God” by David Lewis-Williams.  I hadn’t read the book at that stage but I have now.
I just wanted to highly recommend it. I don’t think it’s in paperback yet and the hardback costs the best part of $50.  I’m not reviewing it but I thought I’d give people a bit of a taste. The title tells you what it’s about. People invented God. But why?

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