Steve Roberts on the Radio

Well-known Victorian Skeptic Dr Steve Roberts has been invited to comment on radio recently – on two separate occasions in fact.

The first sound bite below is about the world ending in 2012. (Please stop laughing).  I really don’t think Steve gets a fair go here.  What do you think?
[or download the MP3 file]

The second sound file is longer. It has to do with a psychic named Lisa bringing her  “speaking-to-dead-people” routine to Melbourne. Steve can be heard from the 19-minute point onwards.

[or download the MP3 file]

2 Responses to Steve Roberts on the Radio

  1. terry kelly says:

    The interviewers in the first item described themselves as “dumb” and they were right. Dumb but, unfortunately, not mute. Empty vessels make the most noise.

  2. Timmy_fitz says:

    How can the world end next year? I’ve got stuff in my freezer that expires in mid-2013.

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