July 2014 Logic & Maths Puzzles – Answers

1. “a”
2. Bob, Ed, Dave
3. Mr. Red worked for Green & Co,
Mr. Green worked for Blue & Co.
Mr. Blue worked for Red & Co.
We know Mr. Red couldn’t work for the red company. He also couldn’t work for Blue & Co. because he was talking to the man from Blue & Co. Since we now know that Mr. Red is from Green & Co.
4. 102 pages
To eat 300 pages the bookworm would have to eat from p100 Vol 1 to p1 vol 3
5. Alec Grant
6. 18km
7. 72 children
8. Paul: If John is lying, then George and Ringo would be telling the truth, which would mean John was not lying, so he can’t be the liar.
If Paul was lying, then Ringo would also be lying, so he must be telling the truth, as well.
So we now know that neither John nor Paul finished last. If Ringo was lying, then George would have finished last, which would mean that he was lying, as well. So Ringo can’t be lying.
This leaves George as our liar, so we know George did not finish first. Neither did Ringo (he finished last), nor did John (he finished neither first nor last). Therefore, Paul won the race!
9. 720 times
10. A. Emily B. Colin C. Fred D. Irene

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