Ross McKeown – Skeptics Café 19 Sept 2011

Ross McKeown is currently serving his 15th year as president of the Tinnitus Association of Victoria (TAV).

Now retired, Ross worked for 27 years in the Victorian education system as a teacher, teachers’ college lecturer and school principal. Ross developed severe tinnitus in 1990 which prematurely ended his teaching career.

For over 15 years Ross has sought to discredit the pseudoscientific claims made by a wide range of treatments claiming to cure or lessen the effects of tinnitus. Tinnitus sufferers are particularly desperate and vulnerable to such charlatans.

In these videos, Ross talks to the Vic Skeptics about Tinnitus, and the various purported treatments out there. These videos were recorded live at Skeptics Café in Melbourne, 19 September 2011.

Part 1 – What is Tinnitus?

Part 2 – Tinnitus, Ear Candling and STI

Part 3 – Tinnitus, Chiropractic and Herbal Medicine

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