Nicholas Bruzzese – Skeptics Café 21 November 2011

Is the Bible worth the scrolls it’s written on? Should the Bible be categorized with other books such as Mein Kampf? When studied using an “historical critical approach”, the Bible is revealed to be a much more fascinating compendium than most believers and non-believers realise.

In this talk, Nicholas will introduce the tools of biblical scholarship and debunk myths and misconceptions of the Bible that abound in the discourse of believers and non-believers alike.

Nicholas Bruzzese is an up-and-coming Biblical Scholar, born into a Roman Catholic family that (in his teenage years) converted to a fundamentalist Christian church.

By the age of 22 Nicholas found that the standard of evidence had begun to play a crucial role in his formation of beliefs about the world and, a humanist at heart, this led Nicholas to subscribe to an atheistic position.

Nicholas’ study and enthusiasm for the truth behind the Bible however, has only grown.

In his podcast The Skeptics Testament Nicholas discusses the things he finds fascinating about the Bible, and Nicholas hopes to share this knowledge, approach and passion to studying the Bible with fellow skeptics, atheists and Christians alike.

1. Fundamentalists and the Bible

2. What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?

3. Psalm 137 – Evil Acts or Beautiful Poetry?

4. The Jesus Myth – What did Paul really think?

5. Was Revelation written on a drug trip?

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