Leo Igwe – Witch-hunting, Injustice and Superstition

On 27 August 2011, Nigerian humanist and activist Leo Igwe spoke in Melbourne as a guest of the Victorian Skeptics and the Victorian Humanists.

Leo is a tireless campaigner for human rights and rationalism in his home country of Nigeria, where he has to battle daily with entrenched cultural beliefs in the supernatural.

Statement on the bombing in Nigeria
The day before Leo spoke in Melbourne, terrorists had attacked the UN building in his home town of Abuja, Nigeria.

Part 1
Leo describes the situation in Northern Africa, where the police and government forces will attack activists to silence calls for a more rational leadership.

Part 2
Leo talks about the problem of witchcraft belief in Africa, and how academics and NGOs such as UNICEF are unwilling to take on the problem directly.

Part 3
Leo discusses the various forms that witchcraft belief takes in Africa.

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