July 2010 Crossword

20 July, 2010

By Ken Greatorex

Here’s a new skeptically-oriented crossword. Let us know how you get on! Read the rest of this entry »

A Review of “Catalyst” on TM

16 July, 2010

By Dr Stephen Basser

I try not to watch too much ‘tabloid television’ as I find that the way scientific issues are covered is likely to provoke either the tossing of objects in the direction of the television, or the feeling that my blood pressure is rising to dangerous levels. When medical or health issues are being discussed the reaction is usually a combination of the two.

When I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the latest miracle weight loss treatment, or arthritis cure, I escape to a bit of sound scientific reporting by switching over to the ABC, and watch the normally excellent general science program Catalyst. Tonight, though, I momentarily thought I’d turned on the wrong channel, as Catalyst’s first story – on Transcendental Meditation – was right out of the tabloid guide book. Read the rest of this entry »