Australian Skeptics Awards 2017

19 November, 2017

The Bent Spoon, the Thornett Award and the Skeptic of the Year

A Critical Look at “The Health Report”

11 May, 2010

The Health Report (ABC RN) of Monday 10th May had a story on a “unique centre in Western Australia combining high tech cancer care with complementary medicine.”

For the curious, the MP3 can be downloaded here:, go to Monday 10/5/2010, Cancer Care.

Dr Stephen Basser responds:

I listened to the Health Report piece this morning, and offer the following thoughts:

–  The report perpetuates the myth that there are two ‘strands’ or ‘streams’ of medicine, and offers implied support for those who push the idea that the alternative stream is a valid one that we should be using more, but cannot do so because it is being suppressed or not fully acknowledged by the mainstream. We are meant to believe that alternative medicine is being rejected because we don’t understand it, or it’s financially challenging us, or we’re brainwashed by drug companies, or some other conspiracy related charge. All of this is, of course, rubbish. Read the rest of this entry »