Religion and Science: a View

26 November, 2010

Earlier this year Terry Kelly was  interviewed by the RoyalAuto . It was a great opportunity to get the skeptical message out to the wider community.  However, with such a large readership the article was bound to have some detractors.

One letter took Terry to task for his views on religion and science, in particular the statement:

But really, science and faith are contradictory.

With due respect to the author of that letter, we’re not going to reproduce it.

We thought Terry’s response was worth posting.

President, Terry Kelly

Dear (RoyalAuto Reader),

Thank you for taking the time to write and I am pleased you read the article in RoyalAuto. While there were some hostile letters published afterwards, and a supportive one, I have to say that we have had a lot of formal and informal positive response. Several people I’ve spoken to expressed surprise that the article could be considered controversial at all. You may be alarmed to learn that a hell of a lot of people think like I do.

To address some of your points :  I know a lot of Scientists had/have religious and other superstitious beliefs. I think Newton believed Read the rest of this entry »

Terry, RoyalAuto interview

4 September, 2010

Don’t toss out your RoyalAuto just yet. Victorian Skeptics president Terry Kelly featured in a RoyalAuto article this month.

Amongst the car safety reviews and suggested holiday destinations, a four page interview style article about Terry and things of interest to skeptics. I found the writing and photography to be excellent and it’s always nice to see a good positive story in the press.

You can read the September 2010 article on-line.