Puzzles for June 2017

31 May, 2017

CROSSWORD with Religious Imagery as its theme.

June 2017 Skeptical Crossword Puzzle [HTML Version] OR https://vicskeptics.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/82-june-2017-crossword-religious-imagery.pdf [pdf Version]


June 2017 Logic & Maths Problems [HTML Version] OR https://vicskeptics.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/59-logic-and-maths-puzzles-june-2017.pdf [pdf Version]

PICTURE PUZZLES and “MIXED BAG” questions are at the top of the Puzzles Page


January Puzzles

31 December, 2011

This month’s Skeptical Crossword follows the theme of Religious Symbolism. https://vicskeptics.wordpress.com/puzzles/january-2012-crossword/

Picture Puzzles & Mixed Bag Questions for January are at the top of the Puzzles section; https://vicskeptics.wordpress.com/puzzles/