Puzzles for April 2017

31 March, 2017

Our Crossword this month has Paranormal Pastimes as its theme, and we return to a choice of standard or cryptic clues.

April 2017 Skeptical Crossword Puzzle (HTML format)


80 April 2017 Crossword Paranormal Pastimes (.pdf format).

There are ten new April 2017 Logic & Maths Problems (HTML format)


57 Logic and Maths Puzzles April 2017 for pdf (.pdf format);

and a new set of  seven Picture Puzzles and twenty “Mixed Bag” questions at the top of the PUZZLES PAGE


Professor Chris French in Melbourne, Mordialloc & Wodonga

11 November, 2013

Before his appearance as keynote speaker at the Australian Skeptics National Convention in Canberra,  Professor Chris French will speak:

– at Vic Skeptics Café, 140 Lygon Street Carlton on Monday 18th November from 6 pm;

– at  Mordi Skeptics, Mordialloc Sporting Club 528 Main St, Mordialloc,  Tuesday 19th November 7.30 pm (after a meal from about 6.30).  Please RSVP on-line at http://www.meetup.com/Mordi-Skeptics-in-the-Pub/

– and at Borderline Skeptics  at Wodonga in The Carrier Arms Hotel, Corner of South and Church street,  in “The Courtyard” dining/stone grill section from 6:30 pm, Wednesday 20th November.

Title: Weird Science: An Introduction to Anomalistic Psychology

Summary: Ever since records began, in every known society, a substantial proportion of the population has reported unusual experiences many of which we would today label as “paranormal”.

Opinion polls show that the majority of the general public accepts that paranormal phenomena do occur. Such widespread experience of and belief in the paranormal can only mean one of two things. Either the paranormal is real, in which case this should be accepted by the wider scientific community which currently rejects such claims; or else belief in and experience of ostensibly paranormal phenomena can be fully explained in terms of psychological factors.

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