23 June, 2010

The Victorian Skeptics were asked by the distributor to review this newly released DVD; Steve Roberts writes:

I approached this material with an open mind but also with caution, as the outer packaging implies that Tony – a brilliant comic actor and presenter whom, until now, I have admired – will be presenting various superstitious beliefs in a credulous fashion. “Unlocking information about the past using psychic techniques” skites the cover, alarmingly. “Tony Robinson and science journalist Becky McCall step into the unknown to investigate whether past paranormal events should be taken seriously or dumped into history’s litterbin.” Well, at least there’s a scientist in it; she can hold the lid open.

In each episode Tony starts off by saying “when you look at the past, everything should have a rational explanation”, which is a bit odd; where did Beethoven’s 9th Symphony come from? The three episodes deal respectively (and respectfully) with: the excavation of Glastonbury in the 1910’s, a séance in World War Two where the ghost revealed startling new information, and a whole group of people – actually two whole groups of people – who all believed that they were reincarnations of a whole group Read the rest of this entry »

DVD of 2006 National Convention

27 December, 2006

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