March Puzzles

28 February, 2015

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893The MARCH 2015 SKEPTICAL CROSSWORD makes a return to general Skeptical issues


 Fresh Picture Puzzles and Mixed Bag Questions have been posted to the top of the PUZZLES PAGE. Enjoy!

November Puzzles

31 October, 2014


"What's 4 Across?"

“What’s 4 Across?”


NOVEMBER 2014 SKEPTICAL CROSSWORD, with the emphasis on Frauds and Scams can be solved using either the standard or the cryptic clues provided.

Breaking News! The FSM has revealed that occasional access to Google and/or the Dictionary (UK rather than US edition) by His Cruciverbal Faithful will not incur His noodly wrath.

A new set of NOVEMBER 2014 LOGIC & MATHS PUZZLES is available.

New Picture Puzzles and “Mixed Bag” Questions have been posted at the top of the PUZZLES PAGE






PUZZLES ARCHIVE 4 (December 2012 to June 2013)

PUZZLES ARCHIVE 5 (July 2013 to September 2014)

December Puzzles

1 December, 2013

puzzled-parrot-carlos-quirozPicture Puzzles and “Mixed Bag” Questions are in their usual spot at the top of the PUZZLES PAGE

December’s Skeptical Crossword is our largest yet. It’s theme is Alternative Healing Practices, and you have your choice of “straight” or cryptic clues. DECEMBER 2013 SKEPTICAL CROSSWORD

And finally, there’s DECEMBER 2013 LOGIC & MATHS PROBLEMS


Dr Ken Harvey, 3rd Monday Talk

26 May, 2010

Monday June 21st, La Notte Restaurant 140 Lygon Street Carlton 8pm

Balancing Commerce, Choice and Consumer Protection: Reforming Complementary Medicine Regulation.

Dr. Harvey is a medical graduate with a special interest in the regulation of therapeutic goods.

He was a member of the expert group that drafted the World Health Organization “Ethical Criteria for Medicinal Drug Promotion” and was also a member of the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Health and Rational use of Medicines (PHARM) Committee that formulated the quality use of medicines pillar of Australian medicines policy.

He currently holds the position of Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the School of Public Health, La Trobe University. He had been awarded life membership of Choice (the Australia Consumer’s Association), is a member of the National Prescribing Service Research and Development Working Group, and the Governing Council of Health Action International, Asia Pacific.


How to assess evidence beyond your own expertise

14 May, 2010

Eran Segev, Australian Skeptics President spoke on ABC Radio National’s Ockham’s Razor program recently.

How do you assess evidence if it’s not your area of expertise?  Eran speaks about Skeptics “rules of thumb” to help guide us when assessing evidence.  Rules of thumb such as:

Ockham’s razor

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

Anecdote and testimonials are not reliable

Experts do know more

Trust the scientific method


Or visit the ABC Ockham’s Razor site.

Worth listening to,  Mal.

General Information (Originally posted at our old site)

12 April, 2010

We are the Victorian branch of the Australian Skeptics, a science-based organisation run by volunteers. The Skeptics encourage people to be careful about what they believe. Things that sound “too good to be true” – usually aren’t true! Science has revealed many amazing things, but amazing claims are also used to deceive and to rip-off innocent people.

The Skeptics also encourage thoughtful, rational exploration of the world around us, especially in matters considered ‘paranormal‘. To this end, the Skeptics are keen to promote scientific education and a sense of wonder in the natural world.

Weird and Wonderful – Read about all manner of supernatural and scientific matters on our Articles page including these popular topics

Creation v EvolutionSensing MurderBed of NailsMurders and ClairvoyantsHomeopathy

(Yes, “sceptical” & “sceptics” are the correct spellings but we’re so clever we spell them with a k instead. :-)

Sixth Annual Skeptics Trivia Extravaganza

11 April, 2010

Take Your Partners for the Sixth Annual Vic Skeptics Trivia Extravaganza

La Notte Restaurant

140 Lygon Street Carlton

Monday 17th May 2010

at the special time of 7.30 pm .

or join us for the traditional Third Monday meal at 6pm.

Previous Trivia Nights have been among our most popular events; – this year, get your team organised early , and if you’re having a meal at the restaurant before the Trivia, please arrive and order early.

If you can’t come equipped with a ready-made team, don’t stay home and mope! We can organise consortia of suitable intellects on the evening.

Lotsa individual and team prizes!

A donation is requested from each participant.