September 2016 Logic & Maths Problems

1. What’s the next number in this sequence? 2,8,18,32,50, ___

2. dice_games_6 What is the most likely score from
a. one throw of two dice?
b. one throw of 3 dice
c. What are the two least likely scores from one throw of four dice?

3. The number 676 is a perfect square. As a mental exercise: What’s its square root?

4. Hand_rolled A tramp uses the tobacco from five cigarette butts to roll one new cigarette. How many cigarettes can he make from twenty-five cigarette butts?


5. cat-300572_960_720
If three cats can catch three mice in three minutes, how many cats would be required to catch 100 mice in 100 minutes?

6. A prime number has no factors except itself and one. How many prime numbers are there between the numbers 80 and 90?

7. How many triangles are in each figure in total? trianglesab

8. album Belle has a family photograph album, which has a photo of each of her parents, each of her grandparents, all the way up to each of her great-great-great-grandparents. How many photos is that?

9. The circumference of the Earth is approximately 40,000 kilometers, and someone has just made a metal band that circles the Earth, touching the ground at all locations.

You come along at night, as a practical joke, and add just 10 meters to its length (one hundredth of one kilometer !)

It is now one four-millionth longer, and sits magically just above the ground at all locations.

How far has it risen …

a. Could a flea squeeze under it?
b. Could a rabbit squeeze under it?
c. Could a man squeeze under it?

10. which is quicker A courier service based at town A makes a daily run stopping at B, C, D & E before returning home.

The distances between towns A & B, B & C, C & D and D & A are the same.

The red lines represent the main roads linking each town to the next, whereas the green line is a circular ring road which serves all five towns.

The courier has a choice of using the main roads at an average of 50 km / h, or the ring road at an average 60 km / h.

Assuming he stops at each town for the same period regardless of which road he uses, estimate (or guess) which of the two choices of road should be quicker: main roads or ring road?


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