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December 2015 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 65 (December 2015)


December 2015 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. For What film did Cher win the Best Actress Oscar in 1987?

2. Who had a hit with Hey Joe in 1967?

3. Who created The Muppets?

4. Is Baghdad on the Tigris River or the Euphrates river?

5. Milton Friedman is an expert in what field?

6. For what is Jefferson Davis famous?

7. True or false: No Oscars were awarded in 1933.

8. Which writer invented The Jabberwock?

9. The terms planche, stutz and tinisca are recent additions to the possible moves in which Olympic sport?

10. Is a krait a fish, a bird or a snake?

HARDER: (You may want to look these up)

11. Michael Foale was the first British person to do what?

12. The Roman town of Lutetia was the forerunner of which present-day European City?

13. What are the two ingredients in a Bellini cocktail?

14. In the 1930s an animal called Gef became a tabloid sensation in Britain. Who or what was Gef?

15. What is the postcode for Casey Antarctic Base?

16. Which action hero was created by Johnston McCulley?

17. Which Opera is based on a Prosper Mérimée Novella?

18. A Renaissance author called Piccolomini co-wrote a popular erotic novel. He later became better known by what name?

19. Who allegedly attacked who in the Battle of Karánsebes in 1788?
20. Which American state arose from a colony founded by James Oglethorpe as an asylum for debtors?


December 2015 Skeptical Crossword



December 2015 Logic & Maths Problems


November 2015 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 64 (November 2015)


November 2015 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. In the nursery rhyme, what were the occupations of the three men in a tub?

2. There are at least four legitimate English 7 – letter anagrams of the word “PIRATES”. How many can you find?

3. What is the one place where the American flag flies 24 hours a day, is never raised or lowered and is never saluted?

4. How many times a year does an adult cat shed its coat: one, two or three?

5. In what year of the 60s did visiting British model Jean Shrimpton cause a scandal in Melbourne by wearing a miniskirt to the races?

6. How can you tell that rain is on the way by looking at a pine cone?
A. Its scales open up
B. Its scales close
C. Its scales become loose

7. Which authority figure wears the Fisherman’s Ring?

8. The word carnival is derived from a French term meaning what in English?
A. Fun time
B. Feast of meat
C. Goodbye to meat

9. A standard part of an American GI’s field equipment is known in Pentagon doublespeak as a “combat emplacement evacuator”. What is it to the average civilian?

10. What is the name of William Golding’s book about a group of British schoolboys isolated on an island?

HARDER: (You may want to look these up)

11. In what year was The Reverend William Bedford “mooned” by three hundred female convicts?

12. What country has this flag?

13. Why did a Chicago man named Corey Taylor fake his own death in 2007?

14. What was unusual about Frank Hayes’s winning ride on Sweet Kiss?

15. What name did author CS Lewis give to the planet Mars?

16. Which comic strip was created by Bob Montana?

17. Who wrote the Black Spider Memos?

18. What vehicle has the registration number SCV 00919?

19. What did David Worrell use as weapon when trying to rob a London bank?

20. Ernest Vincent Wright wrote a 50,000 word novel called Gadsby. What was unusual about it?


November 2015 Skeptical Crossword



November 2015 Logic & Maths Problems


October 2015 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 63 (October 2015)


October 2015 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. What Australian motoring classic was first sponsored by Redex in 1953?

2. What, to a Scot is a bairn?

3. What are (or were) the nationalities of The Three Tenors?

4. Which four legitimate five-letter English words can be written using the letters A,C,E,P & S once each?

5. What specific infectious disease is the BCG vaccine used to prevent?

6. Which is likely to be larger; your brain, or your liver?

7. In what field did Grandma Moses become famous?

8. What is the capital of the US state of Texas?

9. On the 19th of June in what year?
• Muhammad Ali is convicted for refusing induction in US Army.
• Paul McCartney admits on TV that he took LSD

10. What fish is served as the main course on Christmas Eve in Austria?

HARDER: (You may want to look these up)

11. Who was Western Australian State Horse Ploughing Champion in 1993 and 1994?

12. Which Australian invention was designed by Lyster Ormsby and built by John Bond?

13. Which State of the USA does not have a rectangular flag?

14. What is composer Irving Szathmary’s best-known composition?

15. What place does Sam Poo have in Australian history?

16. In 1969 a war started between two countries over a football game. Name the two countries.

17. Kenneth Kennedy was the first to represent Australia in which Olympic event?

18. Who or what is Barfing Barb?

19. List the six countries that border France

20. What was the name of Napoleon Solo’s boss at UNCLE, and who played him?


October 2015 Skeptical Crossword



October 2015 Logic & Maths Problems


September 2015 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 62 (September 2015)


September 2015 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. What’s Winnie-the-Pooh’s favourite food?

2. Write an anagram for the word “despair”

3. In 1978 “The Girl In the Red Bikini” was a major news headline in Australia. Why?

4. Are people most likely to be allergic do dogs, cats or horses?

5. According to the nursery rhyme, how old is Pease Porridge in the pot?

6. These three ladies all won Best Actress Oscars during the 80s. For three points, put their wins in chronological order, first to last.
Jessica Tandy, Katherine Heburn, Sally Field

7. What play, turned into a musical, then a film was a black comedy featuring a talking man-eating plant?

8. Which American patriotic song is sung to the same tune as God Save The Queen?

9. Of which Australian city is Golden Square a suburb?

10. In Which modern country would you find the historical country of Abyssinia? A. Egypt B.Sudan C. Ethiopia

HARDER: (You may want to look these up)

11. The common name for the constellation Leo is “The Lion”. What is the common name for the constellation Apus?

12. What is the Mercalli Scale used to measure?

13. What was unusual about the sinking of the submarine USS Tang in October 1944?

14. Historically, which of the 26 letters of the English alphabet was the last to be added?

15. Which US State Capital was once known as “Pig’s Eye”?

16. Raimondo and his brother Piero dÍnzeo were to first athletes to do what?

17. Which high-profile annual event is celebrated at Gobblers Knob, Pennsylvania?

18. What is a baby llama called?

19. Candice Bergen’s father Edgar was a popular ventriloquist. Apart from the fact that it was made of wood, what was special about the design of the honorary Oscar he received in 1937?

20. Which annual event’s inaugural winner was Captain Arthur Waite in 1928?


September 2015 Skeptical Crossword



September 2015 Logic & Maths Problems


August 2015 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 61 (August 2015)


August 2015 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. What do these three objects have in common: Corn, Weasel, Balloon

2. In which century does (will?) Buck Rogers operate?

3. Who was the first British actor to be made a Lord in 1970?

4. Which world leader was imprisoned for 26 years on Robben Island?

5. What popular TV series about ancient Rome was based on books by Robert Graves and starred Derek Jacobi in the title role?

6. What was the name of Elvis Presley’s backing group?

7. Where are The Spanish Steps?

8. What are Britain’s three major political parties?

9. On the 5th of June in what year? Sirhan Sirhan fatally shoots Bobby Kennedy

10. What are Switzerland’s four official languages?

HARDER: (You may want to look these up)

11. Why did the Arizona Republic Newspaper win a Procrastinator of the Year Award in 1982?

12. Who played Elmer Prettywillie in a 1926 silent film?

13. By what brand name is polytetrafluoroethylene better known?

14. Which geological feature in Victoria Australia was originally called The Sow and Piglets?

15. What happened when TV’s inventor John Logie Baird tried to turn graphite into diamonds?

16. William Friese-Greene was a pioneering inventor specialising in what field?

17. Which of the planets has a moon called Margaret?

18. What was unusual about the trial of Formosus in Rome in 897 AD?

19. What links Edward Oxford, John William Bean, William Hamilton and Robert Pate?

20. Why was English Queen Anne’s body buried in a square coffin?


August 2015 Skeptical Crossword



August 2015 Logic & Maths Problems


July 2015 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 60 (July 2015)


July 2015 “Mixed Bag” Questions

  1. This question is about Gordons.
    A. Who played Gordon Gecko in a 1987 movie?
    B. By what name is Gordon Sumner better known?
    C. What type of activity are people doing when they perform The Gay Gordons?
    D. In which continent did the British General Gordon have his last stand in 1885?
    E. In which Australian state or territory is the Gordon River?
    F. Which two interstate highways are linked by Gordon Street Footscray?

2. What was the name of the two ships that Captain Cook personally sailed in on his three voyages of discovery between 1768 and 1779?

3. What nickname was given to Santa Clara Valley California in the mid-70s because of the main industry there?

4. In which Robert Louis Stevenson adventure did much of the action take place on the good ship Hispaniola?

5. In what month of what year did Melbourne receive its record rainfall over a 24 hour period?

6. In Lord of the Rings, what kind of creature was Shelob?

7. Who shot who at Stringybark Creek in 1878?

8. Which two girls were the object of Archie Andrews’ affection?

9. In which foreign capital is The Forbidden City?

10. On what river are the Victoria Falls?

HARDER: (You may want to look these up)

11. Either define or draw an interrobang.

12. Where on a CD player would you find Guillemets?

13. Twenty-four-year-old Australian Benita Johnson became Australia’s first world champion in which field of athletics on 21st March 2004?

14. What connects the Australian women Mary Howe, Mary Ann Baker and Elizabeth Jessie Hickman?

15. Which three Australian states or territories meet at Poeppel Corner?

16. What did Australian Jack Grant invent in 1965?

17. In what unusual way did King Alexander of Greece die in 1920?

18. Philosopher, mathematician and astrologer Jerome Cardan predicted his own death in 1576. How did he ensure that that prediction was accurate?

19. Which Prince of Wales (hence heir to the British throne) died in 1751, and what was the accident that caused his death?

20. Which movie actor and actress portrayed Norman and Ethel Thayer?


July 2015 Skeptical Crossword



July 2015 Logic & Maths Problems


 June 2015 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 59 (June 2015)


June 2015 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. What is a malapropism and where does the word come from?

2. Pair each star with his or her original name
STAR: Michael Keaton, Angie Dickinson, Judy Garland, Bono. Brigitte Bardot, Ben Kingsley, Meg Ryan, Cary Grant
ORIGINAL NAME: Frances Ethel Gumm, Margaret Hyra, Angeline Brown, Camille Javal, Krishna Bhanji, Archibald Leach, Paul Hewson, Michael Douglas

3. What is the currency of Thailand?

4. Which bent Detective sergeant in TV’s The Bill fled to Australia?

5. Which precursor to the Science Fiction novel was written by Mary Shelly in 1818?

6. What all-time great record Christmas hit was first recorded by cowboy star Gene Autry?

7. What is common about all the following words; boycott, derby, diesel, frisbee, and guillotine?

8. Which author with an alliterative name wrote The Day of the Jackal?

9. The elements Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon and Radon are collectively called the [what] gases?

10. Who has friends called Wendy, Scoop, Muck and Dizzy?

HARDER: (You may want to look these up)

11. Who or what was slain with a vorpal blade near the Tumtum tree?

12. At last count, (March 2015) how many natural satellites (moons) does the planet Jupiter have?

13. What is unusual about the Newark Ohio building of the Longaberger Company?

14. Why does the Union Jack appear in Hawaii’s flag?

15. “Redsmith” is an alternative name for what occupation?

16. What record did Min Bahadur Sherchan set in May 2008?

17. Perelandra was the name given by the author CS Lewis to what?

18. How is Baron Greenwich better known?

19. What distinction does Point Nepean in Port Philip Bay claim in regard to both world wars?

20. What city is served by Dum Dum Airport?


June 2015 Skeptical Crossword

This month the theme is CULTS & SECTS.


June 2015 Logic & Maths Problems


May 2015 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 58 (May 2015)


May 2015 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. Name four African mainland countries that start with S.

2. Link the following film stars with their autobiographies.
STARS: David Niven, Peter Ustinov, Errol Flynn, Michael Caine, Peter Fonda, Leonard Nimoy, Alec Guinness
BIOGRAPHIES: I Am Not Spock, My Wicked Wicked Ways, What’s It All About?, Dear Me, The Moon’s a Balloon, The Diary of a Retiring Actor, Don’t Tell Dad

3. Who famously bowled underarm against New Zealand in 1981?

4. To what family of fish do goldfish belong?

5. Which English sitcom TV couple was played by Yootha Joyce and Brian Murphy?

6. Draughts and chessboards have 64 squares. What popular game has a board of 225 squares?

7. What was the name of Batman’s (that is, Bruce Wayne’s) butler?

8. In which continent was the 19th century battle of Antietam fought?

9. For which two films did Jane Fonda win Best Actress Oscars?

10. What is the name shared by the Greek god of the sea, the 1906 Melbourne Cup winner and the West Australian nickel mining company that was the centre of a boom and a scandal in 1969/70?

HARDER: (You may want to look these up)

11. What is the predominant religion among Pitcairn Islanders?

12. The confectionery known in its country of origin as Lokum is better known to English speakers as what?

13. What was remarkable about the United States Air Force’s bombing of Schaffhausen on 1 April 1944?

14. Who took out U.S. Patent 1,781,541, and for what kind of device?

15. Historians now generally agree that Queen Anne’s main reason for knighting Isaac Newton was not for his scientific achievement, nor even his work as Master of the Mint. What was it?

16. How many points is the letter C worth in the Swedish version of Scrabble?

17. Which American state is bounded by South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming?

18. For what body of work is Australian composer Barrington Somers Pheloung best known?

19. What was Major-General Logan Scott-Bowden doing at night on New Year’s Eve 1943?

20. Which state of Australia has the Weedy Sea Dragon as its official marine emblem?


May 2015 Skeptical Crossword

This month the theme is GENERAL SKEPTICISM.


May 2015 Logic & Maths Problems


April 2015 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 57 (April 2015)


April 2015 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. Given the following descriptions, write the name of the Scottish village in each case.
A. Where TV’s Hamish Macbeth was policeman
B. Where couples traditionally elope to to get married
C. In musical comedy it only materialises once every 100 years

2. What are the three main ingredients in a Pina Colada cocktail?

3. In order of distance from the sun, the planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Which is next?

4. Which comic strip dog was created by Alex Graham?

5. In which South American country is the port of Valparaiso?

6. According to a literary quote, what hath hell no fury like?

7. Which comic strip character’s great enemy was Black Pete?

8. Which American writer has “Quoth the raven, nevermore” as his epitaph?

9. Which Sci Fi TV series of the sixties, which had a five-year run and was based
on a 1961 movie starred Richard Basehart and David Hedison?

10. Which of Australia’s six state capitals was the last to be proclaimed a city in 1902?


11. What code name for a shadowy person the 1970s was revealed in 2005 as that of FBI agent Mark Felt?

12. Who said “a dog has the soul of a philosopher”?

13. In what year did the Catholic Church apologise to Galileo for convicting him of heresy?

14. What shape is wombat poo?

15. Australia is only one country that has a compulsory voting system. How many countries officially have national compulsory voting (whether enforced or not)?

16. The Shannon Number is the number of possible what?

17. Although only two verses or stanzas are ever used officially, how many verse or stanzas make up the complete Greek National Anthem?

18. According to the Guinness Book of Records, how old was Bluey, the World’s oldest dog when he died?

19. Of what country is the city of Conakry the capital?

20. Erling Kagge is best known for what 1992/3 feat?


April 2015 Skeptical Crossword

This month the theme is CRYPTIDS.


April 2015 Logic & Maths Problems


March 2015 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 56 (March 2015)


March 2015 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. What is the chemical formula of ice?

2. Who am I?

  • I am a cricketer , who played for Australia and captained Tasmania and Durham
  • I was born in 1960
  • I played 107 tests for Australia, compiling 7422 runs

3. Write two one-word anagrams of the word “sober”.

4. For what event in 1947 is Chuck Yeager most famous?

5. What is a nonagon?

6. In what four TV series did Bill Bixby star?

7. What is the only Shakespeare play whose title refers to weather?

8. Which two Australian women have had feature roles in Batman movies?

9. Which member of ABBA was not born in Sweden?

10. What is the capital of the US state of Arizona?


11. For what invention is Joseph Bramah celebrated?

12. The Principality of Andorra is unusual in that its monarchy is shared between two co-princes. One is always the Spanish Bishop of Urgell; who is the other?

13. Who was Olivia Newton-John’s Nobel Prize winning grandfather?

14. What service organisation was founded by Mrs E Watts in 1953?

15. Who created the cartoon character Blinky Bill?

16. What is the common alternative name for the pastime of Fargling, aka Roshambo?

17. By what name did Ilich Ramírez Sánchez become better known?

18. Which batsman faced the first ever ball bowled in Test Cricket?

19. What kind of weather event produces fulgurites?

20. Although English is a rich language, sometimes foreign languages have useful words for specific situations. The German word Schlimmbesserung is an example. What does it mean?


March 2015 Skeptical Crossword

Theme: General Skeptical Issues


March 2015 Logic & Maths Problems


February 2015 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 55 (February 2015)


February 2015 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. Name five countries that start with “U”.

2. How many Australian cities have ever launched official bids to host the Summer Olympics?

3. Which World War II general was known as “Old Blood and Guts”?

4. Who Am I?
• I am a stage performer with TV and film credits.
• I also have also written a play, a murder mystery and two autobiographies.
• I was born Rose Louise Hovic in 1914 in Seattle Washington and died in 1970.
• I had a domineering mother whose attempts to break unto show business met with little success until my younger sister June started to attract attention as a child vaudeville performer.
• Things changed when my 13 year old sister ran off to be married and I was pushed into the spotlight doing early burlesque routines at the age of 15.
• My life story was turned into one of the most successful Broadway musicals of all time.

5. Which common board game is in the shape of a six-pointed star?

6. Who died in 1827 during a thunderstorm while composing his tenth symphony?

7. Which Melbourne singer/songwriter hit number 1 in 2005 with the E.P. Scar?
8. Which of Batman’s TV villains was played by Frank Gorshin?

9. How many US states border the Gulf of Mexico?

10. On the 17th of April in what year? The Ford Mustang goes on sale in the USA for $2368 without optional extras.


11. What did Peter de Bernardi and Jeffery Petkovich do together on the 28th of September 1989?

12. How many firkins of ale are equivalent to one kilderkin?

13. Who is the only person to have played first class cricket and to have won a Nobel Prize?

14. What is the name of Dame Edna Everage’s older son?

15. For which European country was Engelbrekt a real-life mediaeval freedom fighter?

16. In what year was croquet an Olympic sport?

17. How many tests did Bob Simpson play before making his first test century?

18. Which town styled itself “The Yo Yo Capital of the World” in 1946?

19. Why was the Mitsubishi Pajero renamed the Montero in Spain?

20. Estelle Reiner, the wife of Carl Reiner and the mother of Rob Reiner had one of the more memorable lines of 1989 movies. What was it?


February 2015 Skeptical Crossword

Theme: Logical Fallacies (4)

February 2015 Logic & Maths Problems


January 2015 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 54 (January 2015)


January 2015 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. Write three anagrams for the word “timer”

2. Which Australian sportsman was known as “Steady Eddie”?

3. Which are you most likely to die of soonest; lack of sleep, or lack of food?

4. In what river does the Spirit of Tasmania ferry dock while in Tasmania?

5. According to the advertising, what kind of animals produce Carnation milk?
6. What pieces of equipment designed for the Normandy Invasion of World War II were given the code name of mulberries?

7. In which Ocean do the Islands of Cape Verde lie?

8. In which Australian state is Tumbarumba?

9. In what way did The Herald of Free Enterprise make news in 1987?

10. Which Italian term is equivalent to the French “hors d’ouvres”?


11. What is Donald Duck’s middle name?

12. Who is credited with inventing the tea bag in 1908?

13. What is the Munsell System use to classify?

14. Which American President owned a pet alligator?

15. Elizabeth Bayley Seton was America’s first what?

16. Who was the only person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize posthumously?

17. Why was the famous Battle of New Orleans unnecessary?

18. Where was the quintessential French fashion designer Pierre Cardin actually born?

19. What is the main claim to fame of Hiroo Onoda?

20. What is the main claim to fame of Cornelius van Drebble?


January 2015 Skeptical Crossword


The Theme is “Chiropractic”

January 2015 Logic & Maths Puzzles


December 2014 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 53 (December 2014)



December 2014 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. For each of the following pairs of words you can make two new common words or phrases by carefully selecting an appropriate word to put between them.
For example, Watch Collar
By placing the word “dog” in the middle you get Watch dog and Dog collar. Your answer would therefore be “dog”
A. Bare path
B. Back stand
C. Gold Bowl
D. Cauliflower Drum

2. On TV, who was just above Ensign Charles Parker and just below Captain Wallace T Binghampton in the chain of command?

3. Which two teams compete for the Sir Frank Worrell Trophy, and in What sport?

4. Give three anagrams for the word “rescued”

5. From what countries were the following English kings imported?
A. William III
B. James I
C. George I

6. Which manufacturer of electrical appliances advertised with the slogan “that’s life”?

7. Who wrote The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Ugly Duckling?

8. According to the song, how long is the Camptown Racetrack?

9. What range of up-market leisure-time articles does the Conde-Nast International Company produce?

10. Who composed The Water Music and The Fireworks Music?


11. When Yuri Gagarin became the first spaceman on 12th April 1961, how many orbits did he complete?

12. What distinction is held by Pope Urban VII?

13. What occupation does a “cordwainer” (pronounced “cordner”) pursue?

14. Who stabbed French Revolution Leader Jean-Paul Marat to death in his bath on 13th July 1793?

15. In what Year was the Welcome Stranger nugget discovered?

16. Sir Redmond Barry was the judge who sentenced Ned Kelly to death. For how long did Barry live after Kelly’s death?

17. How many overs did Rod Marsh bowl in Test Cricket?

18. Who has been the only English Pope so far?

19. What is Donald Duck’s middle name?

20. Who is credited with inventing the tea bag in 1908?


December 2014 Skeptical Crossword


The Theme is “Famous Skeptics”

December 2014 Logic & Maths Puzzles


November 2014 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 52 (November 2014)


November 2014 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. In what state of Australia is each of the following places:
a. Do-Town
b. Ulladulla
c. Wooloomooloo
d. Tantanoola

2. In World War II, T34s were produced in enormous quantities. What kind of weapon were they, and which army was equipped with them?

3. In mythology, what was the name of the beautiful wife of Menelaus?

4. Which long-running TV series featured Anne B Davis as a regular cast member?

5. What sport did Mark Twain say was “a good walk spoiled”?

6. Who hops down the bunny trail?

7. Give an anagram for the word “ripples”

8. Who was the oldest Beatle?

9. What is the capital of the US state of Alaska?

10. What product was first advertised in the 1880s as “An esteemed brain tonic and intellectual beverage”?


11. In what country was Aristotle Onassis born?

12. Of which country is Maseru the capital?

13. What feat do some New Zealanders claim for Richard Pearse?

14. The Science Fiction Novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” became the basis of which film?

15. Which of Captain Cook’s ships was the first to cross the Antarctic Circle?

16. What early novel’s alternative name was The Modern Prometheus?

17. In what year was the first FA Cup Final?

18. In what year did Diners Club introduce the credit card?

19. What is Kiki Haakonson’s main claim to fame?

20. Which city was the first to install traffic lights, in 1914?


November 2014 Skeptical Crossword Puzzle


November 2014 Logic & Maths Puzzles


October 2014 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

Picture Puzzles 51 (October 2014)


October 2014 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. If you had one of each denomination of Australian currency, how much money would you have?

2. Unjumble each of the following to give a town in the British Isles.
Drub Hinge, Sean Saw, Self bat, Ah bin Grimm

3. What recreational activity occurs in a Plaza de Toros?

4. A dilettante is a person who:
A. collects objects of art for personal satisfaction
B. dabbles in a subject without taking it seriously
C. dresses according to the currently prevailing fashion

5. Which European capital city’s public buildings are guarded by soldiers in skirts?

6. Which novel features a character called Atticus Finch?

7. Give two anagrams for the word “retails”

8. Who Am I?
• I’m a Comedian.
• Born 22nd November 1921, died 5th October 2004
• Best known films are Caddyshack and Easy Money
• Typical quote: I was such an ugly kid… when I played in the sandbox, the cat kept covering me up.

9. Which company has subdivisions which include Puffin, Ptarmigan and Pelican?

10. On the day 20th of March in what year?
• Beatles song, Free As A Bird, with John Lennon as lead singer, is released.
• US Stock exchange hits a record high
• Sarin Gas is released in Tokyo subway with 12 killed, 4,700 injured


11. According to legend, what were the last words of Civil War General John Sedgwick?

12. Mary Surratt was hanged for conspiracy to murder in 1865. Who was the victim?

13. Three generations of Coppolas have won Oscars. Who was eldest, and in what category?

14. What toy was invented by Joshua Lionel Cowen around 1900?

15. Which Scandinavian country is home to seven or eight of the world’s ten longest cruise ships?

16. Which two national flags contain Arabic writing?

17. Which Roman emperor banned the original Olympic Games?

18. Who did Geoffrey Rush portray in the film Quills?

19. Which comedy star was born Arthur S Jefferson?

20. What was the screen name of Margarita Carmen Cansino?


October 2014 Skeptical Crossword Puzzle


October 2014 Logic & Maths Puzzles






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PUZZLES ARCHIVE 6 (October 2014 to December 2015)

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