Puzzles Archive 4

DECEMBER 2012 to JUNE 2013

June 2013 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

picture puzzles 35 (Jun 2013)


June 2013 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. Unjumble each of these three phrases to form a word. The three answers are names from the same list.

Sis at guitar

I’m Geni

Coop, Sir?

2. Two fathers and two sons went fishing. After a whole day, they had only caught three fish. One father said “That’s enough; we’ll have one each”. How is this possible?

3. Moonraker, Trust-to-God and Angel Whispers are all kinds of what?

4. Where did Brer Rabbit particularly ask not to be thrown?

5. In German, Swiss and Austrian cities, the Bahnhoff is often one of the more prominent buldings at the city centre. What is a Bahnhoff?

6. What “c” word, defined as “Rhythmic flow” is used as an accompaniment to US military drills?

7. What is meant by the Australian slang term “In the Magoos”?

8. Famous Australian opera singer June Bronhill passed away in January. “June Bronhill” was a stage name. What was it’s derivation?

9. Which Kellogs cereal had a slight change of name, but not formula, in the light of criticism of its high sugar content?

10. Of which Australian state is Mount Ossa the highest peak?


June 2013 Skeptical CRYPTIC Crossword



June 2013 Logic and Maths Puzzles


May 2013 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

picture puzzles 34 (May 2013)


May 2013 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. Five of the six pairs of letters below belong, and their pattern is consistent. One pair of letters does not fit the pattern. Can you tell which one does not belong and why?

2. Look at these 12 words. What connects them?

Alien, avenue, asteroid, eastern ebony, icon, ideal, islander, opinion, orange, ovary, unit.

3. In what ocean are the Maldive group of islands?

4. What nickname do English cricketers bestow on the supposedly unlucky score of 111?

5. Of what colour is cobalt a variety?

6. Which Victorian Premier had the middle name of Gibb?

7. In what surroundings does a tipstaff work?

8. What skill is a person said to achieve by kissing the blarney stone?

9. Write an anagram for the word “master”

10. Why was Mary Poppins the only applicant for the job of Nanny in the Banks household?

11. Which company marketed Japan’s Isuzu Piazza in Australia under its own badge?

12. For what movie did Nicole Kidman win Best Actress in 2002?

13. What was a ducat?

14. In what year?
• Columbia makes the first operational Space Shuttle flight.
• Films include Any Which Way You Can, Arthur,
• and The Cannonball Run
• In popular music, Stars on 45 create a craze for medley singles.

15. In which state is the wine-growing region of Clare Valley?

16. By what common name is the mainly children’s disease Pertussis better known?

17. What was the name of Dr Seuss’s egg-hatching elephant?

18. What is the fundamental difference between the two powerful organisations that appear James Bond stories, Smersh and Spectre?

19. What was the name of Dale Carnegie’s most famous self-improvement book, with seven words in the title?

20. Is the colour chartreuse best described as
A. Light green B. pinky-mauve or C. red-orange ?

21. Which US city has the huge Bay Area Rapid Transport System, or BART for short?

22. According to Star Trek, which Alien Race will mankind encounter for the first time on 5th April 2063?

23. In which country is Tagalog spoken?

24. Which two Australian states have a postcode for Ivanhoe?

25. Is the number of dogs in Australia closest to 2, 3 or 4 million?


May 2013 SPECIAL Skeptical CRYPTIC Crossword


May 2013 Logic and Maths Puzzles


April 2013 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

picture puzzles 33 (April 2013)


April 2013 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. How long is the land border between Victoria and Tasmania?

2. Each of these groups of words can become new words by adding the same word after them in each case.
For example, “out, set, draw, cut” all form a new word when you add “back”. The answer would therefore be “back”
Find the appropriate add-on word which will turn each of these sets of words into a new set.
a) Hot, hammer, fore, over
b) Home, house, fire, team
c) High, sun, night, spot
d) Gear, post, ice, juke

3. What is Canada’s major Pacific Coast city?

4. When did New Zealand and Australia separate?
A. 25 million years ago
B. 50 million years ago
C. 75 million years ago

5. In which Ocean are the islands of Saipan and Tinian?

6. Who is Australia’s only Nobel Prize winner for literature?

7. Which Australian exploration venture is associated with the Dig Tree?

8. Where in your body do you find rods and cones?

9. Which Australian Prime Minister said of the opposition leader
“He’s like a shiver looking for a spine to run up”?

10. What are the nicknames of the two Spice Girls called Mel?


April 2013 Skeptical Crossword


April 2013 Logic and Maths Puzzles 


March 2013 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

picture puzzles 32 (March 2013)


March 2013 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. What is the last letter needed to complete this sequence?

O, T, T, F, F, S, S, E, N

2. Male singers: Unjumble the following to find four popular male singers of the 1990s and 2000s.

Mine me
I try rinc mac
Is genial esquire
I blew a limbo, sir

3. Of whom were Jor-El and Lara the parents?

4. Which country’s national airline is Air Pacific?

5. 2005 was the Chinese Year of the Rooster. In what year will it be The Year of the Rooster again?

6. Who was the Australian walker who was disqualified while leading at a late stage in a walking event in the Sydney Olympics?

7. In which Australian state or territory are each of the following casinos?
A. Burswood
B. Jupiter’s
C. Lasseter’s Reef
D. Star City

8. Which car manufacturer’s name is Latin for “I roll”?

9. If you get 40 people together at random, what is the statistical likelihood that at least two of them will have the same birthday?
A. About 1 chance in 4
B. About 1 chance in 2
C. Nearly certain
D. Very unlikely

10. The word redolent means:
A. Reminiscent of something.
B. Having a pleasant smell.
C. lazy


March 2013 Skeptical Crossword


March 2013 Logic and Maths Puzzles 


February 2013 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

picture puzzles 31 (February 2013)


February 2013 “Mixed Bag” Questions

Here are some well-known phrases which have been shortened to just letters and numbers.
For example, 26 = L of the A means “26 letters in the alphabet”
Write the phase suggested by each of the following:
a) 26 = M in a M
b) 6 = S to a C
c) 5 =L in a L

2. What is special about the capital letters A,E,F,H,I,K,L,M,N,T,V,W,X,Y & Z?

3. What were the lively little people of Oz called?

4. Who portrayed Charlie Chaplin in the 1992 movie, Chaplin?

5. Which middle European capital is on the Vistula River?

6. With what specific mode of warfare was US General Curtis Le May associated?

7. Which cartoon characters consulted the Junior Woodchuck’s manual frequently?

8. Write three anagrams of the word “priest”

9. In what field of Scientific exploration was American Robert Goddard a pioneer?

10. Johannesburg has as a suburb the large shanty town of Soweto.
The name Soweto derives from
A. Shorthand for “South-West Township”
B. Zulu for “Meeting Place”
C. Swahili for “hope”


February 2013 Skeptical Crossword Puzzle

This is our thirtieth Vic Skeptics Crossword Puzzle. The other twenty nine are accessible in our archives, or by scrolling back through the blog on the main page.


February 2013 Logic & Maths Puzzles


January 2013 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.

picture puzzles 30 (January 2013)


January 2013 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. Golf History
Choose the correct date for each of the following events from the list below.
The first Golf game was telecast
Peter Thompson won his first British Open
Alan Shepard hit a six-iron on the moon
European Players were admitted to The Ryder Cup
The graphite shaft for golf clubs was introduced
The World’s first mini- Golf course opened
The word “birdie” was first used for a hole in one
Royal and Ancient St Andrews Golf club was founded

Years: 1754, 1898, 1916, 1947, 1954, 1971, 1973, 1979

2. Unjumble the following English Premier Football League Teams.
A. Eel Cash
B. An Oval List
C. Humans to top
D. Wee mutant dish

3. According to the TV theme song, when does Zorro ride out of the night?

4. What percentage of Victorians get their driving licence before their nineteenth birthday?
A. 50%, B. 75% or C. 85%?

5. In which North American city was the “Tea Party” revolt against British taxes?

6. True or false: The flag of the African country Rwanda has an “R” on it.
7. Which Shakespearean character was married to Desdemona?

8. What small single shot pistol took its inventor’s name, starting with a “D”?

9. True or false: Joan of Arc was an English Saint before she was a French Saint.

10. What was the name of the 1995 movie about a nuclear submarine which starred Denzel Washington with Gene Hackman as Captain Frank Ramsey?


January 2013 CROSSWORD


January 2013 Logic & Maths Puzzles


December 2012 Picture Puzzles

Each of the following seven puzzles decodes to a word, phrase, song title, book, or film.


December 2012 “Mixed Bag” Questions

1. Bad Women in the Bible.
In the two lists below are four women who get a bad press in the Bible, and the four men whom they “done wrong”. Pair them up.
Delilah, Salome, Jezebel, Potiphar’s Wife
John the Baptist, Joseph, Sampson, Ahab

2. Reversible words
Example: Caress, stroke / Faucet, spigot 3 LETTERS would be PAT / TAP
A. Ship’s bottom / Vegetable 4 LETTERS
B. Sweets / Undergoing tension 8 LETTERS
C. Nappy (American) / Made financial restitution 6 LETTERS
D. Sliding container / Payoff 6 LETTERS

3. Which two countries merged to form Tanzania in 1964?

4. Whose body-building course claimed to “turn 97 pound weaklings into he-men”?

5. On a compass, which point is directly opposite South South East?

6. What is the capital of the US state of California?

7. The Tyrrehenian sea lies west of which country?

8. What Oscar Wilde character possessed a supernatural picture?

9. Which classic horror movie actor’s real name was William Pratt?

10. Which New Zealand – born scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1908 because of his work on atoms?


December 2012 Crossword

Theme: Cryptids


December 2012 Logic & Maths Puzzles






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