October 2015 Logic & Maths Problems

1. A family of Mum, Dad and three kids went to the pictures. The children were charged half price. If the total cost was $38.50, how much did each ticket cost?

2. In Australia, a Goods and Services Tax (GST), currently of 10% is added to most financial transactions. A trio is hired to perform at $1452, GST included. After paying GST plus 10% of the remainder to their manager, how much money does each member of the trio receive?

3. How many possible opening moves are there in a game of chess?

Untitled Capture-01

4. Fred’s age times Bill’s age is 48. Charlie is half as old as Bill. Fred is two years younger than Charlie
How old are Fred, Bill and Charlie?

5. How many different ways can you make up 40 cents using current Australian coins?
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E.g one way would be to use two twenty cent coins.

6. clip-art-waiting-631457 MacRonalds Restaurants had a special for their birthday. Every third person got a free hamburger. Every fourth person got a free Coke. Of the first thirty people, how many got both the coke and the hamburger, how many got nothing free?

7. Kylie wrote a story. Joy and Rebecca each took a photocopy and “proof-read” it.
proof reading Joy found 50 spelling mistakes. Rebecca found 63 spelling mistakes.
40 of these mistakes were found by both Joy and Rebecca. How many spelling mistakes were found altogether?

8. The formula for converting temperature in degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit is:

T(°F) = 1.8 T(°C) + 32

At what actual temperature are °F and °C numerically equal?

9. Six teams play each other twice during a season, once at home, and once away. How many games are played in total?

10. Farmer Fred put a square fence around his vegetable garden to keep kangaroos from eating his vegetables. One side was 6m in length. If the posts were placed 2m apart, how many posts did he use?


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