October 2013 Mixed Bag – Answers

1. Eleven times

2. Corsica belongs to France; the other three belong to Italy

3. 1978

4. Hands and feet

5. Groucho Marx

6. Africa

7. They are claimed by six different countries

8. Fennel

9. The Avengers
Cathy Gale was played by Honor Blackman
Emma Peel was played by Diana Rigg

10. prosthesis

“Next Level”:

11. London Underground Map

12. 100:1 winners of the Melbourne Cup

13. Vegemite

14. on top of pillars

15. Ytterby

16. Finland

17. Hanged her nephew’s dog for chewing her bible

18. Permanent crease trousers

19. Vegemite (reason: it’s biggest competitor was Marmite)

20. Istanbul

21. Green, Berry and Hill

22. The Pelican

23. smothered to death by gifts of cloaks showered upon him by appreciative citizens

24. dishwasher

25. Oscar Wilde

26. from a lethal combination of indigestion and uncontrollable laughing

27. Construction / building

28. Ray Barrett

29. John Irving

30. Broke into Queen Elizabeth II’s bedroom

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