October 2013 Logic & Maths Puzzles

October 2013 Logic & Maths Puzzles

1. A fish weighs two tonnes plus half its weight. What is the weight of the fish?

2. Mr Smith often exercises his dog by going for a walk while throwing a frisbee for his dog to retrieve. In what direction should he throw the frisbee so that the dog gets the maximum work-out?

3. An English rally driver was invited to enter his car in an American Rally.
He soon noticed that he was not getting the same mileage per gallon as he was used to getting at home. Why was this?

4. Sandra, Kerry and Paul have each hung three items on the clothesline:
a jumper, a shirt and a towel.
Of each person’s three items, one is spotted, one is striped and one is plain.
No-one has the same item of clothing in the same design as either of the other two.
For example, Kerry owns the only striped jumper, and Sandra owns the only spotted shirt.
If Sandra’s jumper is the same design as Paul’s towel and Paul’s jumper is the same design as Kerry’s Towel
a. Who own the spotted jumper?
b. Is Sandra’s towel spotted, striped or plain?
c. Who owns the striped shirt?
d. Is Paul’s towel spotted, striped or plain?

5. A brother says of his younger brother:
“Two years ago I was three times as old as my brother was. In three years time I will be twice as old as my brother”
How old is each of them now?

6. Untitled Capture-02
Which of the four pieces of rope pictured will form a knot when the two ends are pulled apart, and which will not?
Write “yes” or “no” for each of the four examples.

7. How many squares How many squares are present in this diagram?

8. A shopkeeper lowers his price on a particular article by 20% for a sale.
At the end of the sale, he raises the price on that article by 20%.
Will the article now cost more than, less than or the same as it did before the sale?

9. In the two designs below, combinations of cubes are stacked together.
All the rows are complete unless you can see their end. In other words, you can assume that there are some unseen cubes behind the visible ones. Based on the visual evidence given, state how many cubes are in each design.
how many cubes

10. Given that when water boils, the temperature readings on the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are 100 °C and 212 ° F respectively, and that when water freezes, the temperature readings are 0 °C and 32 °F:
At what temperature are the Celsius and Fahrenheit readings numerically equal?


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