November 3013 “Mixed Bag”- Answers

1. Cabbage(21), pea(22), Leek(33), carrot(75)

2. (a) Martin; (b) George; (c) Lennox; (d) Michael; (e) Cameron

3. It was the first to be televised in Australia

4. Warren Mitchell

5. Gemstones

6. Sicily

7. 1994

8. 1500 metres

9. Foxy Loxy

10. Groucho Marx

“Next Level”:

11. Duke of York (later King George VI)

12. The first (and only?) married couple to fly together in space

13. Prince William

14. a tennis surface as used in The Australian Open

15. 1905

16. 2003

17. Goal keeper

18. 1929

19. United States and Britain

20. William Wyler (12)

21. San Juan, Puerto Rico

22. Sensis

23. All ships of The First Fleet

24. eleven

25. First to swim the English Channel underwater

26. He discovered that rubella in pregnancy can cause congenital blindness and deafness

27. Elizabeth Arden

28. On the moon

29. Ireland

30. Survived a 5  km fall without a parachute (practically unscathed)

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