November 2015 Logic & Maths Problems

  1. A table is 50 % longer than it is wide. If it was two metres wider and three metres shorter, it would be a square. What are the dimensions of the table?
  1. In whole years, a girl is one fifth of 8 more than her mum’s age. On the other hand, her twin sister is one quarter of 1 less than her mum’s age. What are mum’s and daughters’ ages?
  1. What percentage is 40% of 40%?
  1. If you were to take off from Melbourne Airport at 11.30 tonight Melbourne time, and land in Adelaide at 12.20 tomorrow morning Adelaide time, how long would your flight be?
  1. What is twenty divided by a half?
  1. Write the next letter or number in sequence in each case

(a) 3, 7, 12, 18, _

(b) J, A, S, O, N, _

(c) -2, 1, 6, 22, 46, _

  1. A handyman is given the job of putting numbers on the doors of hotel rooms. If there are 100 rooms, how many 7’s will he need?alnap77sn-thumb
  1. If I start with $54 in a bank account, and the amount of money in this account decreases by two thirds each year, how much money will be in the account after three years?
  1. Using Australian banknotes, $1 and $2 coins, how many different ways can you make up $10? (e.g. with a $10 note is one way)383048-current-5-design
  1. Which has the greatest volume? A 10 m wide sphere, or an 8 m wide cube?07-cube


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