November 2014 Logic & Maths Puzzles

1. snooker q1When playing snooker, there are three legal ways in which you can make a break of 9 by potting three balls of different colours at various stages of the game. What are they?

Reminder: when legally potted, the point value of each ball is as follows

Red = 1    Yellow = 2    Green = 3    Brown = 4   Blue = 5    Pink = 6    Black = 7

2. clock q 2If the time is both x2 minutes past 7pm AND 7x minutes before 8pm, what number is x and what’s the time?

3. banana-avocadoBack in the good old days when bananas were cheap, Jack and Jill went shopping at their friendly neighbourhood fruit shop. Each paid with a ten dollar note.

Jack bought three avocados and two bananas and got a dollar change.

Jill bought two avocados and four bananas and got two dollars back.

How much did each avocado cost?

How much did each banana cost?

4. used carsJoe has less than 100 used cars in stock. Two sevenths of them are blue, three fifths are white, and the other eight are yellow. How many cars are in stock in total?

5. coinA man makes the following proposition to his friend:

“I will let you flip a coin 20 times. Each time the coin lands on heads, I will give you $2.00. However, each time the coin lands on tails, you must give me $3.00.”

His friend flips the coin 20 times and the end result is that no money is to change hands.

How many times did the coin land on heads?

6.women-meeting Five women having dinner at a circular table. Mrs. Smith is sitting between Miss Cooper and Miss Andrews. Annie is sitting between Connie and Mrs. Grey. Miss Cooper is seated between Annie and Yvette. Elizabeth is seated with Mrs. Summers on her left and Miss Andrews on her right. Teresa paid the bill.

What are the full names of these five women?

7. The only fruit Alexa likes are strawberries, blueberries, and apples. She has a “lucky dip” into a basket containing 30 fruit; 6 bananas, 4 apples, 9 oranges, 5 cherries, and the rest blueberries.

What is Alexa’s chance of picking out a fruit that she likes on her first try?

8. [how many triangles]

How many triangles are in this figure in total?

9. What occurs twice in a lifetime, but once in every year; twice in a week but never in a day?

10. If I start with $162 in a bank account, and the amount of money in this account decreases by two thirds each year, how much money will be in the account after four years?


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