“Mixed Bag”Questions January 2013 – Answers

The first Golf game was telecast in 1947.
Peter Thompson won his first British Open in 1954.
Alan Shepard hit a six-iron on the moon in 1971.
European Players were admitted to The Ryder Cup in 1979.
The graphite shaft for golf clubs was introduced in 1973.
The World’s first mini- Golf course opened in 1916.
The word “birdie” was first used for a hole in one in 1898.
Royal and Ancient St Andrews Golf club was founded in 1754.

2. A. Chelsea, B. Aston Villa, C. Southampton, D. West Ham United

3. When the Full Moon is bright

4. A. 50%

5. Boston

6. False. The old flag did, but the current flag does not.

7. Othello

8. Derringer

9. True

10. Crimson Tide

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