“Mixed Bag” September 2014 – Answers

1. Tardis – Tegan Jovanka; Heart of Gold – Trisha McMillan; Red Dwarf – Dave Lister; Enterprise – Geordie La Forge; Millemium Falcon – Chewbacca

2. All anagrams of animals – DOE, GNU, RAM, APE, WOLF

3. Thirteen

4. Off Newport, Rhode Island

5. Quebec

6. Edward VII

7. True (The note is F)

8. Gollum / Smeagol

9. Red

10. Hatreds, threads, trashed


11. They were the only survivors of the wreck of the Loch Ard, a sailing vessel which was wrecked at Mutton bird Island just off the South West Coast of Victoria, Australia in 1878.

12. 1923

13. Eugene Cernan (but we’d accept Jack Schmidt)

14. 1908 and 1912

15. Highest ever scoring fighter pilot – over 300 enemy planes shot down

16. From the value of “pi” after the decimal point. (Probably a pun on “getting a piece of the pie”)

17. 1938

18. High Noon

19. Rainman

20. A rope – indicates the orientation of the twist on its strands

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