“Mixed Bag” Questions March 2015 – Answers

  1. H2O


  1. David Boon


  1. Bores, Robes


  1. Piloting the first manned aircraft to Break the Sound Barrier


  1. A 9 sided polygon


  1. My Favourite Martian, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, The Magician,  The Incredible Hulk


  1. The Tempest


  1. Nicole Kidman, Elle MacPherson


  1. Anni-Frid or Frida


  1. Phoenix




  1. Hydraulic Press and Flush toilet are his best-known inventions


  1. The current President of France


  1. Max Born


  1. Meals on Wheels


  1. Dorothy Wall


  1. Rock-Paper-Scissors


  1. Carlos The Jackal


  1. Charles Bannerman


  1. Lightning


  1. An improvement that makes things worse

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