“Mixed Bag” Questions June 2017 – Answers

1. The Philistines

2. 1890s, 1930s

3. B. clever

4. Stalactites hang down. Stalagmites stick up.

5. Naples

6. Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II

7. B. Part of a horse’s foot

8. One of Australia’s two active volcanos, it erupted and doubled its size

9. The Dig Tree of the Burke and Wills Expedition

10. Everyone


11. The first international website

12. Earl of Pembroke

13. Iodine

14. Yellow

15. New South Wales. Its platypus is a monotreme

16. Surveying

17. Nepal (5¾ hours ahead of GMT)

18. They’re all dead. (It’s in the Southern Hemisphere’s largest cemetery complex)


20. Win gold medals (in different sports) in both the Summer and Winter Olympics

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