“Mixed Bag” Questions June 2015 – Answers

1. Garbled use of the English language, from Mrs Malaprop in a play by Sheridan

2. Michael Keaton – Michael Douglas; Angie Dickinson – Angeline Brown; Judy Garland – Frances Ethel Gumm; Bono – Paul Hewson; Brigitte Bardot – Camille Javal; Ben Kingsley – Krishna Bhanji; Meg Ryan – Margaret Hyra; Cary Grant – Archibald Leach

3. Baht

4. Don Beach

5. Frankenstein

6. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer

7. They derive from real people’s names

8. Frederick Forsyth

9. Either inert gases or noble gases

10. Bob the Builder


11. The Jabberwock

12. 63

13. It’s shaped like a picnic basket

14. To honour Hawaii’s friendship with the British. NOTE: Hawaii was never a British possession.

15. Coppersmith / copper worker

16. Oldest Everest climber

17. The planet Venus

18. Prince Phillip / Duke of Edinburgh

19. The first shot in both wars was fired there

20. Kolkata (formerly Calcutta)

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