“Mixed Bag” Questions June 2014 – Answers

1. a. 12 Days of Christmas; b. 1 or 2 Humps on a Camel; c. 15 Players in a Rugby Union Team

2. The Internet

3. Brands of cricket ball most used in international and first class matches

4. Beer

5. Montezuma (Moctezuma)

6. (d) Her actual marital status in the TV series was never specified.

7. Chad, France, Greece, Spain, (Wales and Laos could be accepted)

8. B. The Foxwoods casino in Connecticut is run by the Pequot tribe

9. True

10. Perth (just)


11. Both assumed the identity of Robin (the Boy Wonder) after Dick Grayson left the Batman & Robin team

12. Caerleon in Wales, Chester in England

13. Cope & Marsh

14. The Three Wise Monkeys

15. The Farmer’s Daughter

16. Rum & Coca Cola

17. TV technical pioneer, including inventing USA’s first TV picture tube

18. Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

19. Post-It notes

20. Church

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