“Mixed Bag” Questions July 2015 – Answers

1. A. Michael Douglas; B. Sting; C. (Old Time) Dancing; D. Africa; E. Tasmania; F. Princes, Highway 1 or Geelong Road / Western, Highway 8, or Ballarat Road

2. Endeavour and Resolution

3. Silicon Valley

4. Treasure Island

5. February 2005

6. Giant Spider

7. The Kelly Gang shot three policemen

8. Betty (Cooper), Veronica (Lodge)

9. Beijing (formerly Peking)

10. Zambesi


11. Punctation combining exclamation mark and question mark. interrobang

12. Originally Punctuation marks, but used for Fast Forward or Reverse symbols.

13. Cross Country running

14. All bushrangers

15. Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia

16. Aircraft escape slide

17. Infection from being bitten by a pet monkey

18. Starved himself to death

19. Frederick, hit by a cricket ball

20. Henry Fonda, Kathryn Hepburn

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