“Mixed Bag” Questions January 2017 – Answers

1. Argentina

2. less than half

3. Chartreuse

4. True. Canal workers were relied upon to excavate new canals accurately according to a map.

5. B. antagonist

6. Walter Mitty

7. B. East to West

8. Leaders of the suffragette (votes for women) movement

9. Grant Hackett replaced Ian Thorpe (both Australian)

10. Tour de France (est 10 million)


11. Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Service

12. Fire

13. Sir Lancelot

14. Deep Blue

15. Madrid

16. He was the explorer who completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth (Second in command to Magellan who died during the voyage)

17. 17 (Malala Yousafzai, The Nobel Peace Prize 2014 joint winner)

18. Trumpet (Greek)

19. It’s free. A number of European cities have zero-fare public transport, but Tallin is the largest to do so)

20. Venice

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