“Mixed Bag” Questions January 2014 – Answers

1. Pair up each of the US capital cities with its correct state

2. Atlanta-Georgia; Boston- Massachusetts; Montgomery- Alabama; Phoenix-Arizona; Springfield-Illinois

3. He has them wearing boots

4. He was Prime Minister for the shortest time; (8 days in 1945)

5. Unpalatable beer

6. Fox

7. Rolf Harris

8. (a) O.K.

9. West

10. Quasimodo

“Next Level”:

11. Germany, banks of the Rhine

12. Green

13. It has no toes

14. Being born

15. Uzbekistan and Leichtenstein

16. Very old aboriginal rock paintings / The Kimberleys

17. The bear pits at Berne, Switzerland

18. 1987

19. 80

20. Tabitha

21. lentil

22. John Lee

23. Anthony Daniels, C3PO

24. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson

25. About 80 metres. It’s an East-West line through Boundary Islet, Bass Strait. Victoria owns the north and Tasmania owns the south.

26. 1942

27. 1957

28. A ring on an animal’s collar or harness for reins or leash

29. Gimli and Treebeard

30. Windhoek

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