“Mixed Bag” Questions December 2013 – Answers

1. 4 ducks

2. Eddie Murphy – Shrek; Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter; Elijah Wood – Lord of the Rings; Leonardo DiCaprio – Titanic; Ewan MacGregor – Attack of the Clones; Mel Gibson – Chicken Run

3. True

4. Mother and Son

5. False. It doesn’t really stand for anything.

6. Dingo

7. herring

8. Uncle Tom’s Cabin

9. Pinnochio

10. Plum

“Next Level”:

11. Lara

12. James Dougherty

13. Butter, sugar, salt, egg, mashed pumpkin (cold), Self raising flour

14. Cooktown Orchid (Dendrobium bigibbum var. Phalaenopsis)

15. Normie Rowe

16. Roller Skates / Inline Skates

17. Philology / Study of languages

18. 7 (Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David)

19. A Roman Goddess

20. Converted to Catholicism

21. Arkansas (one of the first black students integrated into college)

22. The Australian Red Ensign

23. Shirley McLaine

24. Telling fortunes / the future by looking at cheese.

25. Old letters of the English alphabet (“runes” is close enough)

26. An explosive charge used to bring down walls

27. A month of a new Calendar brought in during the French Revolution

28. Large Asteroid and its satellite

29. Flute playing, boxing and chess. He’s also an actor and broadcaster

30. Dhani Harrison (George’s Son)

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