“MIXED BAG” October 2010 ANSWERS:

1. Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Montana

2. (a)    54 Cards in a Deck (with the jokers)

    (b)    8 planets in the solar system

    (c)    88 Keys on a Piano

    (d)    90 Degrees in a Right Angle

    (e)    200 dollars for passing GO in Monoploy

    (f)     8 sides on a Stop Sign

3. We know of three possibilities:

– Prince, princes, princess.

– Bra, bras, brass.

– Care, cares, caress.

4. (a) Bangladesh

    (b) Egypt

    (c) Fiji

    (d) Nicaragua

    (e) Switzerland

    (f) Tunisia

    (g) Zambia

5. Nine

6. Alas, alias

7. Time

8. Brogues

9. (a) Tom Hanks

    (b) Dan Ackroyd

    (c) William Shatner

10. (a)  USA

      (b)  Canada

      (c)  England

      (d)  Lebanon

      (e)  India

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