“Mixed Bag” May 2015 – Answers

1. Any four of: Senegal, Swaziland, South Africa, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Somalia

2. David Niven – The Moon’s A Balloon; Peter Ustinov – Dear Me; Errol Flynn – My Wicked, Wicked Ways; Michael Caine – What’s It All About?; Peter Fonda – Don’t Tell Dad; Leonard Nimoy – I Am Not Spock; Sir Alec Guinness – The Diary of a Retiring Actor

3. Trevor Chappell

4. Carp

5. George and Mildred (Roper)

6. Scrabble

7. Alfred

8. North America (American Civil War)

9. Klute (1971); Coming Home (1978)

10. Poseidon

11. Seventh Day Adventist

12. Turkish Delight

13. Schaffhausen is in (then neutral) Switzerland, not Germany

14. Albert Einstein & Leo Szilard, Refrigerator

15. To get him elected to Parliament / political reasons / or similar

16. 8

17. Nebraska

18. TV Themes (Inspector Morse / Lewis / Endeavour)

19. Surveying the D Day beaches

20. Victoria

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