“Mixed Bag” May 2014 – Answers

1. (a) Trepidation, (b) Paroxysm, (c)Excruciating

2. 364

3. Tiger Woods

4. Gran Turismo or Grand Touring

5. Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

6. Lt. Columbo

7. Rose Red

8. Gotham City

9. Paternal, parental

10. Garth


11. A Bank gave him $88 million by mistake

12. Ralph Lauren

13. (a) Ouida
(b) from her own childish pronunciation of her given name “Louise”

14. Mountains

15. A synthetic / man made element / element 116

16. Walter and John Huston (Treasure of Sierra Madre)

17. Boxing (World Heavyweight)

18. Youngest ever AFL/VFL

19. Republic of the Seychelles

20. 8 lengths

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