“Mixed Bag” May 2013 – Answers

1. TW is the odd pair. In all the other pairs, the two letters are the same distance apart in the alphabet. T and W are much closer together

2. All start with a vowel.
When you drop that vowel, they each form a different English word.

3. Indian Ocean

4. “Nelson”

5. blue

6. Jeff Kennett

7. Courtroom
(A tipstaff is a Judge’s Clerk)

8. The gift of eloquence

9. stream

10. A wind blew all the other applicants away

11. GM Holden

12. The Hours

13. A gold coin used in Europe from mediaeval times

14. 1981

15. South Australia

16. Whooping Cough

17. Horton

18. Smersh was a Russian anti-spy organisation, Spectre was an international criminal ring (Also, Smersh was real, Spectre is fictional)

19. How to Win Friends and Influence People

20. A. Light green

21. San Francisco

22. The Vulcans

23. The Phillipines

24. Victoria and New South Wales

25. 4 million

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